Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Great Day In The Sun With Loads Completed!

Its been one of those days where somehow, and I dont know exactly how, but I seemed to of managed to get loads done today!

The sun has been shining all day and its been lovely warm, Ive been in shorts and t-shirt all day which may of helped!

Ive managed to get a whole load of things described ready for auction, and I managed to to get everything ready for the market on Saturday!

Im off to Shaston tomorrow, Im going to take with me on Saturday lots and lots of antique and collectable books. So I need to sort them out into some sort of order. A job which should of been done long ago, but I just havent found the time.

Im also going to take with me a clothes rail and a load of tweed jackets which we bought a little while ago with a view to sell on at a later date!

Lets see if I manage to get rid of my "brass" lizard!
Im looking forward to it, but not the getting up at 0330hrs to be away at just after 0400hrs!

Going back to Driving Lessons and why I gave up teaching folk to drive. Not sure if the google add will still be there but there was a guy advertising your first three lessons for £6.33 a lesson! A lesson is an hour! How the F*** can he make any money out of that? All that does is dumb down the profession that I took alot of time, trouble, sweat and tears to join!

Do you really think he will give a quality lesson for that price? If any one fancies contacting him and finding out how he does it I would love to know! Im afraid Im too hot headed to do so!

So when there are lunatics like that charging those prices is it any wonder why I stopped teaching!

The sky is very red tonight, I cant see the sunset from where we are as there are trees in the way, but can see the glow above them!

Spag Bog tonight! 28g of cheese sure looks small! I like it grated and sprinkled over the top! But, apparently I can have as much pasta as I like!

Wonder if I will loose as much this week? Hope so!

Well enough waffle from me, off to watch a DVD tonight, not sure what it is, but will get me off this laptop for a few hours!

Till later.............

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  1. Re the cost of driving lessons - I've noticed a few instuctors round here advertise the first few lessons free, presumably if the pupil then continues to test level the instructor will make his money back by spinning out the amount of lessons needed. My ex took driving lessons at the same time as me, with an instructor who gave cheap introductory lessons, and considering he could already drive he took longer to get to test standard than I did!