Friday, 11 March 2011

How To Cook Roast Chicken On The Cadac And Other Nonsense!

Well, where the heck did that week go?

One minute Im eating pancakes the next its friday, late in the afternoon and nearly beer o'clock!

Its a scarey thing this time thing, it seems to just vanish into thin air. Once its gone its gone, you cant get it back, ever.

This week Ive been down in Bournemouth every day. This does mean that I get nothing done for myself. The challenge this week has been trying to organise some one who admits to being the worst organised person in the world!

Under normal circumstances we get by, but add on top the fact that he is moving house, has meant that all my energy has gone into trying to keep a level head whilst total chaos surrounds me! Not an easy challenge. I must also point out that the gentleman in question suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, Autism and some sort of "ism" where by he cant sit still and flits from one thing to another every 60 seconds!

What this guy has done has used his time wisely and built a website called its designed for people like him who have been labelled throughout their lives. He himself wasnt diagnosed till his late 40's!

I should also point out that its not just for people with similar conditions but anyone who feels that they have been labelled in some way.

The website is live, but it is still under construction, with alot of rough edges, but please take the time to have a look, of course any feedback would be great to hear!

Ive taught autistic kids to drive, it was a massive challenge but all went through and past their tests. Two passed first time! I think this is why I get on well with this guy as you need to be aware of the condition and how easy it is to confuse issues.

I must admit I find working with him extremely hard work, but also very enjoyable.

So thats been my week, exhausting! How about you what have you been upto?

Tonight, roast chicken is on the Cadac! Its been on 20 mins and looks like its doing well. Im cooking it breast down for 30 mins then flipping it over, and leaving it till its done. I did drizzle some olive oil over it to help it on its way.

Its sat on the Cadac pan stand and in a metal baking tray from IKEA. Fits perfectly.

Is there no end to what you can cook on the Cadac! If anyone has any suggestions then Im all ears. I love cooking, especially if it involves cooking for others and having a drink at the same time!

Just "M" and I here this weekend, no guests, yet!

We have decided to move on Sunday, we have booked a site no more than 2 miles away for a couple of nights then the plan is to come back here again! Im looking forward to trying out the new awning!

We are going up to sit with the site owners tomorrow and work through the summer diary. Summer is a bit hectic what with all the shows, so if we can book in now, we will know exactly where we are! Or rather where we should be!

I know I keep going on about the summer, but I cant wait, its been a very long winter!

Just turned the chicken, my, it looks good! "M" due home any second she is supposed to be doing the veg! So hope she hurrys up!

"M" home and straight into action, parsnips now joining the chicken! very cosy!

Tomorrow, being Saturday, Ive got to get some things ready for shipping out, then packing up the awning and my office! Not a job I enjoy, but its got to be done. The awning always looks so much bigger when its empty! Then over 28 days we fill it with junk!

Just on a bottle of Whitstable Bay Organic Ale, very good indeed. Brewed by Just right for sitting out in the awning in the chilly evening air watching a chicken slow cook! Mind you Ive watched worse things!

We have a dilema in June. Do we go to Canford Magna Vintage weekend, or to the Royal Signals Association reunion. Not sure what to do, Either way we are in the van so thats no problem. Must admit I like the idea of the reunion, all though it would be an extremely messy weekend! Seeing people who I havent seen since the mid 80's! Im still in touch with alot of people via facebook. Some amount of drink will be flowing that weekend!

Just heard on the radio its snowing up north, and here we are in the glorious south (ok grey skys) cooking outside! Glad we live down here!

Just had a check on the chicken, its looking good! The smell is amazing, cant wait as Im bloody starving! Just wondering what our neighbours think. I can see me in the middle of winter wrapped up and cooking outside! It really is a good piece of kit! We have been cooking the chicken on its lowest setting.

Another caravan has arrived, I dont see anyone else on site cooking outside!

China dog is going mad in the awning throwing around my tweed flat cap! Not the best use of my hat, but it will give it character!

Now on Goliath by another fine ale! Guess I wont be doing any work this evening then!

So whats happening about your book I hear you ask! Well, its been sort of put on the back burner, not through lack of interest, but purely through lack of time! I know I should try and do a little each day, but, there always seems to be something that requires my attention.

Over the weekend, probably on Sunday evening when we are settled in Im going to sit down and try and schedule in all the elements Im writing about and put that to a time frame. So realistically it will probably be May before it see's any sort of order.

I have made a start on it, with it all planned out and some of the elements even completed! Its just a case of picking a subject, and writing about our experiences with it.

We will get there, when Ive made some progress Ill update you all.

Praying that the rain stays away, I dont mind moving at all, but it does make it a bit more difficult in the wet!

The site we are going to is only down the road, for us its a bit of a posh one at a cost of £12pn incl EHU. Its got showers, a shop and a laundry! We wont know ourselves mixing with the posh campers. Its still only a small site though! We fancied a change, so for two nights we thought we would give it a go.

Our budget this year is £12pn incl hook up. If we have to spend more for the odd night we will, but at the moment we dont see any reason why we should.

The chicken is cooked perfectly and is now resting, whilst the roast potatoes are given a quick blast on the cadac!

This is an extra special meal tonight as this will be our first roast chicken we have cooked since going full time! Roast beef, pork and lamb are fine in the caravan oven, but a chicken takes up a bit of room!

For some strange reason blogger wont allow me to upload a picture! So will have to add it later!!

Till later.......................

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