Friday, 25 March 2011

The World Descends On Our Camp Site!

Last night we noticed a couple of vans pulled into the lower field as you come up the track, didnt think much of it, but today the New Forest DA of the Caravan And Camping Club have arrived! There's a few of them!

Not only that but a couple more vans have arrived on our part of the site! Thing is we have got used to having the site being lovely and quiet, no kids, no dogs, no NOISE!

All of a sudden its gone mad, we can hear engines, doors, voices, and generators. What was a peaceful and tranquil site is no longer.

I guess its only to be expected as the season kicks off. We are here till the 19th, thats our 28 days done and dusted, we know where we are going for our 10 day stint after that, we just havent booked it yet. Then the shows start!

The Cadac is being fired up this evening, the chicken is marinating in some Tandorri mix, oh yes. Shame I cant have a beer, I could just do with a few, but seeing as Im being good, and that Im up at some unearthly hour. I wont!

May need a gin or two tomorrow if I can stay awake long enough!

Went up to Shaston this morning, the car is now rammed to the roof with goodies for the market tomorrow! It will be interesting to see how it works out, and if its worth getting up for and driving the distance.

I know someone who has been going recently and they say its worth it, but, he does have far better gear than me to sell, so Im not hoping for too much, but fingers crossed!

China dog is going with "M" tomorrow! That will be a change, she is normally glued to my side! Im sure Ill be looking around for her wondering where she has got to!

Even if she wanted to come she couldnt, the front seat is packed with gear as well!

Till later..........

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  1. Hi both hope the noise isn't to bad for you but we all want a piece of what you have lol. Sitting in the awning watching the world go by got me thinking the site we are on is a caravan club site which is open 8 months of the year and the people who run it live in their vans for the 8 month duration. So if you think how many sites their are with wardens on all living in there vans and theres no stigma attached to that.