Sunday, 27 March 2011

Doing The Markets!

The alarm went off at 0330hrs on Saturday morning, now thats not nice at all!

Sorted myself out without trying to wake "M" which I failed miserably at! Not easy in a caravan, also I do have a habit of cursing rather loudly, and as my memory is getting worse, I forget to do things which when I remember tends to make me curse more! So there was a fair bit of effing and jeffing as I went about trying to get myself out the door!

I got upto Ford in good time and joined the que to get onto the market site at 0530! I tried to have a bit of a kip but no good, so just sat it out till 0730 when they let us in!

I had to get there that early, if you dont, there is a good chance you are turned away!

I was shown to my pitch which depending on how you view things was either a good spot or a very bad spot, it was good due to the fact that alot of people visited it. But, from my point of view, with an apple, 2 banana's and a container full of salad being next to a F***ing burger bar was not funny! The waft of onions, burgers and chips, nearly drove me mad, but! and this is a big but, I didnt have anything, ok, I had a latte, but no burgers/bacon/chips/sausages for me! I think that deserved a pat on the back!

So Im still on the diet, I hope Im doing ok. If Im not, its not for the want of trying!

Anyway, true to form as I openned up the back door to the freelander, the dealers were in like a pack of wolves. I must admit that at one point a few choice and fruity words were offered as advice to a dealer to get out of my way, the fact I was holding a clothes rail pole at the time helped convince him I wasnt kidding!

I stalled out and it was brisk to say the least! I did very well and really enjoyed it. I packed up around 1200 and drove back home feeling knackered, but a couple of hundred quid up so I wasnt complaining!

Whilst there I did bump into a dealer that I know, we had a chat and he bought a couple of bits from me! He beat me up on the price though!

Back at the van, "M" thought that it may be a good idea as the weather was nice to do another carboot on Sunday. However, this did mean going back to Shaston to get more gear.

So off we trot, back to Shaston, loaded up then popped into to see our old neighbours Herbie and Jo, who lived almost opposite us! It was good to see them both!

Then back to our campsite, but instead of turning in, we drove on into Bournemouth and to the biggest Asda in the world! We bought some more smoked cod, and some steak as a treat, along with mounds of fruit!

Finally back at the van, a swift G and T as I cooked whole sweetcorn and the steaks on the cadac!

30 minutes later I was in bed and fast asleep!

Woke early this morning, thankfully we had remembered to sort out the clocks. Got up around 0830, and had a breakfast of bacon, mushrooms and eggs. All done outside on the cadac. Lovely!

Off we went then into Bournemouth, or more precisely Canford Arena. A fairly big carboot, we set up with plenty of room and no dealers! To be honest we didnt do that well, but forty quid is forty quid, so not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, and on the way back we found a garage which had petrol at £1.27 How cheap is that! So I filled up the Landrover, cant remember the last time I did that!

Sat back at the van now, "M" has gone off to the laundrette, and my only chore is to do the washing up!

Smoked Cod on the cadac tonight, and with a bit of extra light due to the clocks it should be a lovely evening! Time for a couple a Gins as well!

Back at it next week. rough plans depending on the weather are. Shaston Monday, Tuesday at the van, Wednesday Matchams Car Boot, Thursday Ford flea market, Friday at the van, Saturday Ford flea market, and then on Sunday maybe a different carboot!

Looking like a busy week!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoyed the weather and hopefully out camping somewhere!

We smiled as we drove back onto site today, as most of the campers from the DA meet had left to travel home, and we are still here having a long holiday!

Till later...............


  1. Great blog mate.Always love watching antiques programmes on telly.Find the buying and selling of things fascinating,how something can be worth different amounts in different places but unfortunately know very little about them and realistically don't intend learning!If you don't mind me asking,how did you come to learn 'the antique trade' so to speak?Anyway, best of luck next week,sounds like a busy one!

  2. Hi Martin, I dont think you ever learn the antiques trade, you can specialise and become an expert, but generally its just a basic knowledge. As with anything over time you get a bit of an idea, but in saying that Im still a novice, even though Ive been dabbling for 10yrs or so. The last 4 years Ive been doing more.
    Working with a couple of antique dealers always broadens my knowledge base, which is where Im off today!
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Is this Ford in West Sussex? we used to do the Sunday Market there and always did well and it had the added bonus of being run by 2 very nice and helpful guys, it was my favorite of all the markets we did.

  4. Hi yes its Ford in West Sussex, certainly felt well run. Every one I know who has been there says its good! Certainly paid for me to go there! Weather permitting back on Thursday.

  5. Gary & Tim the guys who run the Sunday market, not sure if it is the same as the Saturday also run Hythe Market on a Tuesday, have you tried Wimborne Market ?thats quite good as well. I really wish I was living close enough to still do Ford I would be back there like a shot.

  6. Hi no I havent done Wimborne, all though from what Ive heard its not that special these days!