Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gone Cadac Crazy!

We or rather I have gone Cadac crazy! If it can be cooked on the cadac, and lets face it nearly everything can, its gone on it this weekend.

Friday evening was a trial run before our friends Sharon and Dave arrived, so Saturday morning I had a go at bacon and eggs - perfect!

When our friends arrived later on in the day, we fired it up and cooked 4 huge pieces of chicken, and it managed to do it perfectly with out burning it to death! Brilliant! We also did some steaks, again no probs, then we did some bannanas in their skins later on. Once more no probs at all.

Cleaning it all up takes seconds so that is also a bonus!

This morning being Sunday, our friends stayed over in the front of the caravan, I cooked loads of sausages, bacon, tomatoes and it cooks eggs wonderfully! All though you do need to have it level to get the best results or the eggs slide to on side!

This evening the fish cakes, potatoes and veg is all on it once more - it really is that good!

The weather is supposed to be good again tomorrow, chicken on the cadac then!

Im up in Shaston all day, "M" is back to work, we really do need to sort out where we are going as our time is up here on Sunday! Another 28 days done and dusted!

Today we were supposed to go out and recce some sites, but it just didnt happen. I ended up doing 5 hrs work, and "M" went off to the laundrette.

I think Im in Bournemouth most days this week so very busy!

So all in all a good weekend, the cadac got a good work out, so if you are thinking of getting one, go and do it, they really are worth it.

Till later..............

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  1. We will be getting one of these. I thought they looked great before and your road test of it is good.

    I reckon you could use it as an awning heater as well :)