Sunday, 13 March 2011

Moved Location - All Of 2 Miles!

Move day today!

We had a leisurely start to the day, as our only plans were to move. So no rush.

It had rained on and off all night and the ground was a bit wet, so I was a little unsure if we would make it off the site or not without the use of a tractor! But once hitched up we pulled away easily. So no need to worry at all!

10 minutes down the road to our next site. The owners were here and doing some DIY on site, so we pulled straight in and they showed us to our pitch.

I then had to spin the whole lot around and reverse onto a narrow strip on hardstanding, which I managed ok. More to the point the freelander didnt get stuck, as the grass area was again very soft!

Set up with no dramas and we put up the small awning as we are only here for a couple of days.

The pitch itself is very good, water point right next to us along with a grey waste point, a rubbish bin and a picnic table!

Whats more, only a short walk away is a toilet and a shower. Oh and not to forget a small shed full of books!

The grounds are immaculate, the only down side is that we are fairly close to a road, but I dont think that will make much difference to us.

There is a gate on the entrance that is kept locked, so we have been given a key each.

The best bit is though its only £12.00 per night! No extra for a dog, awning or having 2 cars. Why cant all sites be just like this!?

New site, "M" enjoying the sun and tormenting China Dog!

China Dog

"M" has just nipped off to the laundrette, its only 5 mins down the road.

Ive just put two pairs of absolutely gorgeous 18ct diamond earrings up for sale on ebay. They are stunning. If anyone wants pictures and a price just email me at and Ill wizz over some pics!

Off to Shaston in the morning, must remember to come back here tomorrow night and not be on auto-pilot and turn into our old site!

Really should settle down and do a bit of work, but it is Sunday, so I think Ill just read my book instead!

Till later................


  1. That annex looks good. Do you think it is suitable for a campervan? I am thinking of getting one for a bit of extra room.

  2. Hi Nomad, hope all is well? Awning would probably fit, but the downside would be you wouldnt be able to drive away without taking it down! So maybe a drive away type may be better?

  3. Hi there
    We are horrified! Do you really get charged extra for having an awning up, having two cars on site, or taking your dog along? That certainly doesn't happen here down under in New Zealand.

  4. Hi it really does depend on the site, but yes, some charge extra for awnings, cars, dogs, more than 2 kids and wait for it - visitors!