Saturday, 19 March 2011

No plans for us today, so we had a lie in till 0830! A leisurely start to the day, with nothing really being done this morning.

We then took a trip into Bournemouth or rather Castle Point and hit Asda, and did a massive shop. We always try and guess how much we have spent when we get to the check out, but today we were just so wrong! "M" guessed £60 and I went higher at just £65. The bill was £99.79 !!!!!!

The most expensive thing we bought was an £8.00 large bag of bakers food for China Dog!

The cost of living certainly does seem to be escalating at an alarming rate. I wonder when the first food riot will be in this country!? Within the next 12 months I suspect!

The best buy was smoked cod at £2.60 and that was 2 large pieces as seen below! I cooked it on the cadac with some fresh prawns, some mixed veg consisting of courgette, leek, carrot, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, baby sweetcorn, and onions. It was fantastic.
Nearly ready!

Smoked cod, both pieces for £2.60 - Bargain!
Now feeling stuffed as we have just ate! It tasted lovely and not a single bone! Oh, and healthy as well!

The cadac certainly is getting some use, and its amazing what you can cook on it, if you have one then I'm sure you use it loads, if not why not? And for those of you who havent got one, go buy one, they are brilliant!

Tomorrow, we have nothing planned, I've got to get some items ready for shipping, but thats all. So we will wait and see what the weather is like, then decide. It may just be a lazy day around here. That would suit me just fine!

Off to watch a DVD and settle down for the evening.

Till later................


  1. Hi I've been wanting to live in a caravan for a long time now I was wondering if you know of any sites in the midlands were they do long term rent, as I work in Birmingham, thanks

    1. michelle, where in bham do you want? chris

  2. Hi I am 21 and thinking about buying a caravan instead of getting a flat due to cost And no family I would really like people's opinion on this please chris

  3. Hi I am 24 and am living with two other people and my dog. I'm finding it hard to live with people and am fed up of having such responsibility at my age when I should be going on holiday and just generally having a good time. Living in a caravan was a thought at one point in the last few weeks but I was worried about the council tax issue. If you live on one site permanently does is it still the case that it is paid through the site fee? Anything else that you can tell me would be great. Thanks 😃

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  5. Hi you both sound like us before you changed your life....please tell me you are both still living this dream I'd love to chat with you more we so need this!

  6. Hi please can you tell me how it works with address for mail and car log books as i think some sites you cant have mail sent to your van etc thank you .