Thursday, 17 March 2011

Packing Up For Someone Else!

These last few days have been spent in Bournemouth helping to pack a rather large house, which to say is unorganised with things everywhere would be an understatement!

Finally, this evening, we can see light at the end of the tunnel! Its been a real slog, but must admit that there has been no pressure on me as its not me whos moving! (makes a change)

With the memory of packing our house up still fresh in my mind, it was funny doing it for someone else!

Ive got to go down to Bournemouth one final time early o'clock tomorrow morning to pick a load of rubbish up and take to the tip. We managed to fill a large skip and that is now over flowing!

So next week, I only have the one day away at Shaston, the rest of the time spent on site. Im looking forward to that.

Ive loads of stock to put on ebay, so will be ploughing ahead with that, should keep me out of trouble for a few weeks!

This week, like all the weeks recently has flown by, Ive noticed that more and more buds are forming on the trees and in Bournemouth I saw today some sort of bush/tree with flowers on them. Very pretty to see. Spring is my favourite time of year, everything becoming green and a feeling of freshness all around!

Talking of freshness, we have the air freshner back on again, so far I havent been zapped, but its only a matter of time!

The moon if you have clear sky's where you are looks massive at the moment! Very bright, with loads of detail showing. I guess it helps being here with no light pollution.

I must get around to taking some pics of our new 2 awning set up! I promise Ill do it tomorrow.

Ive rigged the small awning up as my temporary office! So will be spending some amount of time in there over the next couple of weeks!

We still havent got anywhere confirmed for our stay after our 28 days are up here, really should do that, then we wont have anything to worry about till October!

Another thing I have to do is re-new my public liability insurance for the stationary engine! Not only that but considering we printed off the forms for the shows in January we still havent got around to filling any of them in!

"M" off to a funeral tomorrow, has to go to Salisbury for it.

Im shattered, so will finish off for now, as up mega early tomorrow! So,

Till later.......

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