Saturday, 5 March 2011

1st BBQ Of The Year! Cadac Carri Chef Review

Cadac Review

I managed to finish off in Bournemouth just after lunch time on Friday, made my way back to the caravan, realising that I had left something back in Bournemouth, so turned around and went back to get it. An extra 24 miles onto my journey - very annoying.

By the time I had got back, "M" who had had the day off was in full flow washing the bedroom curtains and spring cleaning the bedroom!

The sun was still shining, and it was a lovely day, not the sort of day where you wanted to start on anything substantial. So I sorted out some paperwork which needed doing, and that was it!

As it was lovely, we decided a quick trip into Morrisons which is around a 10 minute drive was needed to buy some meat for the BBQ and give it a trial run before Sharron and Dave get here on Saturday afternoon for an afternoon/evening of eating and drinking!

We bought some steak, pork chops and some lamb chops. We had some baby sweetcorn and I bought a large tin of new potatoes. Now this is the only time I will admit to buying tinned veg! The reason is they are partially cooked, and of a size that makes BBQing easy.

The Cadac was all ready set up, all I had to do was to connect the hose. This is one of the things that didnt come with it. We had to buy seperately a hose, two jubilee clips and a push fit connector for the hose. The caravan has a quick release valve on it.

All set up, turned on the gas and hey presto! We are in business. The only thing I would say is that you cant see, or rather I couldnt see if the gas was lit or not. The other thing is the control of the gas, the same as on a gas cooker, when you turn it the wrong way it goes off. Sounds obvious, but on a gas cooker you can see the flame go out. On a Cadac you cant.

It took a couple of minutes to heat up the griddle, but once it was up to temperature it cooked the food wonderfully. Very evenly cooked and it tasted great. The lid has a little hook on its inside that you can hook over the rim of the Cadac when your not using it. Very handy. We found due to the air temperature not being exactly a mid summers evening that it was best to cook with the lid on. Unless of course you were wanting a slow cook.

The cadac spatula that we bought at the same time has a magnet in the handle for sticking on the side of the cadac. The only thing I found with this was when laid on the table, I went to pick it up and I ended up looking like a crane at a scrap metal yard as a knife and bottle opener had attached itself to it! Not good when you are juggling a bottle of becks, pitta bread and trying to get various metal implements off your spatula!

We ended up having pork chops rubbed in Chinese 5 spice, a piece of fillet steak each, new potatoes and baby sweetcorn both done on the griddle. I also had a pitta bread warmed as well. "M" knocked up a quick salad of various types of lettuce/rocket leaves with baby tomotoes. All washed down with a few cold beers. The lamb chops remained in the fridge! Thats because I am very aware of the Governments idea that we should only be eating a small quantity of red meat per week - My Arse! I couldnt fit any more on my plate!

The other important thing we noticed was that it cooled down really quick, within 30 minutes of closing it down you could lift the griddle off with your hands ready for a wash in the sink!

So all in all, a great bit of kit, that looks well made and certainly works well using the griddle. So yes a good investment.

Today being Saturday its going to be used again! I can see it getting alot of use, as you can do so much with it.

We will update as we use the other pieces, bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning - no prizes for guessing where they are going to be cooked!

Ive included a few pics below!
Simple Cadac  Kitchen Set Up

Fillet Steak Ready To Go

China Dog Guarding The Blackthorn!

This was the view from the Cadac!

"M" Overseeing Proceedings - China Dog In Door Behind!

You can check out the price by clicking on this link CLICK HERE

Till later.........

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