Monday, 7 March 2011

Karma - Found, Lost, Off To Find It Again!

Monday morning and a frosty start to the day, but the sun was shining, what a great start to the day! My Karma is good!

Myself and China dog headed for Shaston with a quick stop at Wingreen Hill where we had a walk up to the top of the hill. It really is spectacular up there, the views are amazing!

Spent the day listing antiques, very uneventful, a couple of interesting things passed through my hands, but nothing to really shout about!

Headed for home at 1800 via my lockup where I dropped off 3 boxes of books, I didnt want to be lugging them around during our next move!

We then stopped off at Wingreen Hill to give China dog a good run. I normally take my camera everywhere, but today with the most amazing sunset I forgot it!

Up in the carpark was a camper van, obviously setting up for the night! I personally dont have a problem with this as long as no rubbish is left, what harm is there?

Ive seen a few campervans stop over up there and by the time Im back in the morning they have always moved on.

I think that will be the direction that "M" and I take in around 10 years time! Campervan and off we go!

Didnt fire up the Cadac tonight. Instead "M" cooked up a really good spag bog, does anyone else have grated cheese and salted peanuts on theirs? "M" thinks Im weird for liking that. If you have never had peanuts on it you should do!

Tomorrow Im off down to Bournemouth but not till late morning, spend the day there, then I should find out if Im working there again this week!

I did hear that snow may be coming this weekend! Not looking forward to that! Especially as we are due to move, we may have to put it back a few days, as our official 28 days isnt till Wednesday week. So we do have  a bit of leeway if the weather turns nasty!

One of the great things about the way that I work is its total flexibility. If I need a day off, I just have one. No boss to moan at me, no holiday entitlement to use up. In saying that though you have to remember that there is also no sick pay. Hence Im never ill!

Petrol prices - just dont get me started! I really am starting to get a tad annoyed by the high price of fuel. I dont have an answer, but something really does need to be done. Why are prices going up? Civil unrest in Libya? The other Arab states deciding that the west should pay higher prices? or our Government being greedy with the applied tax? or a combination of all of these. One thing is for sure its starting to hurt the ordinary guy in the street.

It affects us all, even the eco freindly green tree hugging hippy non drivers, the cost of every day essentials is rising as a result. So what is the answer, would love to hear your comments!

On that note Im off to stand out in the cold for a few minutes, look at the stars, and regain my karma!

Till later..................


  1. HIya Folks

    Karma and Motorhomes should not be in the same paragrapgh !!!!!!!!!

    Theres an idea for ya , im sure theres a way to put u tube vids in the blog


  2. BTW , you missed a blog on friday .... so you will need a double day to catch up !!

    Self employment ... no sick pay .. no boss ... yes but of course im here playing , wheras i should be working , earning !

    Ho hum