Thursday, 3 March 2011

So What Do You Do All Day?

So what do you do all day? Its a question that is sometimes asked of me, by those who are mystified as to how I earn a crust. So I thought today I would try and jot down as I go exactly what I do.

It may then give an insight into my day, how I spend it and above all what I actually do for a living!

So as the day technically starts at 0001 hrs Ill go from then.

0400 bursting for a wee, managed to stand on belt buckle which brought me to my senses rather quickly as I stumbled around the bed to the loo! Psst goes the airfreshner, thankfully Im out of range, but its a reminder, its as if its saying Im watching you big boy and Im going to get you!

Then remained awake for just over two blasts of the damn thing, so thats an hour! I nearly got up but when the alarm went at 0630 I was in deep sleep with China Dog snuggled up between us. This isnt where she goes to bed, its just that shes crafty enough to creep up onto the bed during the dead of night!

"M" is up just before 0700 and its a mad rush to get herself ready and be off to work for 0800.

Meantime Im sat at the laptop, checking on various ebay accounts making sure everything is as it should be, then there is the blog to check on, Twitter and email account.

Whilst drinking my first cuppa of the day, I try and read a few blogs and comment if Im feeling witty enough, which is rare! Then I start to think of all the things I have to do today.

0820 sat in my dressing gown typing this, about to go off and do my ablutions, then take China Dog for her morning outing. She is not a morning dog, currently curled up sound asleep on our bed and unless called wouldnt move from there until at least 1000!

Today I could be going into Bournemouth later to get a number of antiques and collectibles ready for shipping. Its probably the job I dislike the most, but it you sell them, you have to send them! I say could, as the person Im supposed to be seeing broke down in Manchester last night, so it all depends if his car can be fixed or not! Will find out more as the day goes on.

Plans for the day though are to check tyres on trailer, something Ive been meaning to do for a while now, then write more descriptions on some mid C20th Pakistani Costume/Dance Jewellery. Ive got postcards that Ive sold that require sending out as well.

Ive then got to get ready a load of images. I scan in 4 postcards at a time, then by using photoshop I duplicate and crop to individual images, then I resize them so that they can be easily uploaded without using to much of my allowance. These are then described and scheduled to be sold. I use Turbolister to list items on ebay, its alot quicker all though it does have its faults.

So all in all a busy day, so will keep you informed as to how well Im doing as the day progresses! Off for a shower!

Back again, Showered and dog walked, breakfast of crumpets and jam! Run out of bannanas so not eating weetabix with nothing sweet, may as well go eat cardboard!

Sat down to the laptop inside the caravan at 0910 and printed out all the paperwork and got 7 postcards ready for postage. May relocate to the awning later but still a bit nippy out there.

Taken a couple of phonecalls, not going to Bournemouth now, instead heading down for 0800 tomorrow morning!

Just about to make a brew and then print out packing slips for the things that sold last night.

1122 all printing now done 19 items require shipping, they are going to the UK, Holland, Germany, China, Brasil, Greece, Portugal, USA, Canada, Australia and Poland! So a diverse range of countries. Some of these will be sent out using Royal Mail, others due to weight/size will be sent out using couriers.

Various emails have also been dealt with over the last hour.

Im now going to sit and edit the scanned in images of the postcards, the jewellery can wait. Im in a postcard sort of mood! I enjoy reading the backs of them, most say normal things but every now and again you get a personal or touching note. A message that often crops up is someone lets say on a Monday, sending a postcard saying they will be with the recipient tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12 o'clock. In the days before telephones were common, thats how it was done. But could you be sure that the card would get there in time today?

Its something I might just try out!

In 1902 you could, so with all the technical advances we have made, what has gone wrong!?

1422 now, Ive edited the postcards and am now describing them, the batch I have at the moment are nearly all from Dorset, 75% being black and white with a 50/50 split pre 1945 or post 1945.

But just to break the day up, a quick trip down to Three Legged Cross post office. When I get back Ill wizz up and empty the cassette, easy here as its a raised drain, so no bending over and risking loosing hats or glasses!

Then a brew!

Whilst at the post office I went to buy a kitkat, but luckily saw the price - 68p -  less calories for me, but what a bloody rip off!

Got back to the van, opened up the door, reached in to put the keys on the side without standing on the steps, and yep psssssssst right in the face! Its an intelligent life form, Im sure of it! Checked the movement sensor and its off! Its just a nasty bit of kit!

I hasnt been making me jump as much today, but I wouldnt want to be holding a hot cuppa when it goes off. Now thats done it, thats whats going to happen next isnt it!

The loo emptying went well, now being an expert of getting more in the drain than over me! Also remembering the trick of keeping you mouth closed, those lumpy splash backs dont taste good! Its also not a good look having a spec of loo roll stuck in your stubble!

Oh well, break over, back to the postcards......

Time no 1812, "M" has gone off straight from work to see her son down in New Milton so wont be back till later, Ive just uploaded 34 postcards, I may even get a few more done later, but doubt it as there are a few other things I want to get done concerning the blog.

Ive also got to wash up, as I normally do it and there are still last nights plates to do! So need it all ship shape before "M" gets back!!

Its only just got dark here, you can still see just about, roll on those light evenings!

So thats been my day - exciting wasnt it! NOT! But hey Im sat in a lovely location doing something I enjoy!

And it earns me a crust, Postcards variably sell from 99p to £36 so its just a numbers game. The more you do the more you earn, it really is that simple. Ive also got 30+ Chinese & Japanese hardwood vase or bowl stands currently on ebay, if your interested you can find them on my users name is bakers-cottage just click on the link and it should take you straight there.

This evening Im planning to do some behind the scenes work on the blog, which consists of advertising, looking for sponsors, updating the links and general publicising the blog. Its all go you know!

So off now to tidy up, cook my tea, Chilli and pasta, then crack on.

Till later.............

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  1. After reading your blog this morning I have just come across a news article and this made me think of your air freshener:

    Not that I think you leave yours near the grill/cooker!