Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Off We Go Again!

We have had our 48 hr break away from Silverwoods and so today we trundle the 2 miles back again! I say we, "M" has gone off to work which leaves me with the help of China dog !

Isnt that a bit of a pain, moving again? Well to be honest no, yes it takes up time, but, we have discovered another very good site which we would like to return to and its been a lovely change!

Even going back to Silverwoods we will be in a different place than last time, so once more a slightly different view from our caravan and awning.

You dont get that with bricks and mortar!

The first night we were here we had the site to ourselves, yesterday another van arrived, my guessing is its another full timer, they were off out early this morning!

The sun is shining and as we havent had any rain for the last few days the ground should have dried out nicely. The plan is to leave here around 11ish, get set up and do a bit of work! Then when "M" arrives home at just after 1700hrs, get the large awning up. The smaller awning is going on the otherside of the van and will be used as my office/store-room! Well, we may as well use it now that we have got it!

Time now for breakfast, and then Ive got last nights washing up to do! A mans work is never done!

Everything now stowed away and ready for the 10 minute drive back to our old site!

Now back at Silverwoods, set up with the the smaller awning on the otherside of the van, at the back and the full size awning on the other side! So a fairly impressive set up. Will take some pics tomorrow if Im back in time.

The move went well with no probs, the ground being lovely and dry.

I got the little awning up on my own and unpacked as much as I could, and as soon as "M" got here we set about putting up the big awning.

After that a few beers were required, and we fired up the cadac and had a couple of chunky burgers and some pork with caramilised onion sausages. Very good indeed!

Up early as Im into Bournemouth for 0800hrs! So,

Till later...............

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