Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Early Start!

0530hrs and the alarm is going off! I must be mad to want to get up this early and leave my snug comfortable bed.

But, sometimes you just got to give these things ago. So a quick cup of coffee, and off out I go with China dog at my side as always!

We got to the market/boot sale and there was a que to get in, but after a 10 minute wait we were shown in and relieved of £6.00 for the pleasure of doing so.

I set up, but because I was really early the dealers who are normally quick off the mark didnt descend on me like a plague of locusts but were rather sedate and refrained from helping me unpack the car! All set up and the trade was brisk!

In saying that though I really could of gone home by 0900hrs as it soon tailed off after that. I finally packed up around 1100hrs as it was then clear that it was time to go home!

I did ok, alot better than I thought and got rid of alot of china! (not our china dog though) So all in all a worth while venture and Ill be doing a few more no doubt.

Met a few dealers that I know, all looking for that special piece which will make them their fortunes. Dont think they struck lucky today, certainly wouldnt of found it on my stall!

Profit from this mornings work, just over £100.00 so not a bad mornings work.

I then went to pick up the brass lizard, I thought that it may of been bronze and just put down as brass, but, Im afraid to say that it was brass after all. Some you win, some you loose! I still got it at a good price so will try my luck this Saturday at the next market I intend to do.

I popped into see "M" on my way back through at Ringwood. Its market day and they have loads of stalls all through the town centre, which is great to see, but the road is still open and it makes it very difficult to drive through with elderly people throwing themselves in front of the car!

This afternoon, Ive done bugger all. Well, I did have a shave as I was beginning to look like a Yeti again! But thats been it.

Oh I did unload the car. Was supposed to do some work, but I can crack on fresh tomorrow.

The sun is still warm and Im in my shorts, is this the start of the summer? Wishful thinking I guess!

China dog is curled up in a ball on a chair out in the sun fast asleep. She had a busy morning people and dog watching!

"M" home any moment and I havent done all my chores - Ill be in trouble!

Till later...............

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