Friday, 18 March 2011

This morning I was up with the sparrows and off in to Bournemouth, I said that I would drive in fill up the landrover with any rubbish that was left at my friends house and take it up to the refuge tip.

As I dont know Bournemouth that well, I checked on the internet for the address, found the website, and yes they had a map which showed you what road its on, but a postcode so I could put it into the satnav? No chance.

So with directions from "M" I found it, but how difficult is it to provide a full address?

Now I dont know what its like around your way, but here you need a copy of your council tax bill to show the polish guy on the gate before you enter. Whats all that about? I didnt know that refuge tips were regional? And, for what purpose.

If I was up north and needed to take something to a refuge centre as the packaging was too large to go in a camp site bin, how would I do it?

I had a copy of my friends bill, as you know we are not from around here so had to do it that way to get rid of his rubbish.

Once in though its a big old place, its horse shoe shaped, you drive around the outside of the horseshoe and chuck your rubbish over a wall and it drops down a good 30+ feet to the ground below. Once a pile is made its scooped up by a digger and sent for recycling.

Im keen on recycling, but with this sort of layout it does make it difficult to get all your rubbish in the right place. My freelander was full to the roof, with all sorts of household rubbish, glass, electrical equipment, books, cardboard, clothes/curtains etc. Trouble was it was all mixed up.

Got a box out, a shout of Oi, you cant throw that in there! That has to go in that other area, back there. Thing is its on a one way system. By the time I had finished I had managed to sort out all the rubbish and get it in the right place, Id spent an extra 30 minutes sorting it, and drove around the site 3 times as its on a one way system! So great, Ive done my bit by recycling, but used 1/2 gallon of bloody petrol in the process! Not sure if there is any logic there or not!?

Popped into Staples to buy some packing tape, now you would of thought they would of had some, but no, none at all! I use alot so its only cost effective if I buy at least 8 at a time. But they didnt even have sellotape in packs! Useless! I bought one roll and ordered the rest from ebay. Their loss!

Got back to the van with the heavens open. It was chucking it down. "M" Luckily had just cleaned out the Fiat 500 as she was off to a funeral this afternoon. Still not back yet, not too sure what time she is due back.

I cracked on and got a load of work done, but I did go out and take a picture of our set-up which includes both our awnings!
Just the two awnings!
The smaller of the two awnings fits over the back end of the caravan. It covers up the bedroom window, but thats no great shakes, and it gives us so much extra room!

We have used the awning on the correct side at our last site, its just big enough to put a couple of chairs in and a table. So just right for the shows and short stops.

I use the windbreak to protect the water containers, I know it looks a bit naff, but it does the job, the cost of the colour co-ordinated ones are to high.

Of course China dog had to be in the picture, but was too interested in the squirrel in the tree's!

"M" has arrived home, its almost dark and the moon is massive!

Off to cook on the cadac in a minute, even though its dark, light from the front windows and a good torch throws enough light to just about see what your doing! So,

Till later............


  1. The moon will be big over 18;19th March. We are having a "Supermoon". I think it comes once every 18years.

    Looking good though out there. Yes, even dumping rubbish is becoming a hassle, just about to do it ourselves but I think I will get a skip so I dont have to sort the little things out.

  2. Hi A skip is the best plan, it certainly takes all the hassle out of sorting the rubbish! We filled a large one up and two car loads! When we moved there was no room for a skip outside of the house so it took multiple trips to get it all shifted. You dont realise how much time and energy it takes up!

  3. Hallo,
    schöner Blog! Leben in einem Caravan ist auch ein Wunsch von mir und ich hoffe, den bald verwirklichen zu können.
    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  4. Just translated the above! For Caravanfan

    nice blog! Living in a caravan is also a wish of mine and I hope to be able to realize soon.
    Greetings from Switzerland

    Thanks for the comment!