Tuesday, 22 March 2011

All Day Spent On Site

Today being Tuesday seems like the first day on site in ages! Must admit its been rather enjoyable being here and not having to go anywhere!

Yesterday was spent up in Shaston describing antiques for later on in the year when they are put up for auction. I find it really interesting as you never know what your going to be dealing with.

It can be anything from antique silver to 18th Century Chinese porcelain. Such a varied mix which keeps me on my toes and my knowledge base keeps expanding!

Today Ive been describing antiques for myself for a change! Then I packed up the freelander with China (the real stuff and not the dog) as Im off to do my first market tomorrow morning! Thankfully its only down the road so I dont have to leave here till 0615am. Even so its still early enough! If that goes well Im off on Saturday to a larger one which will mean a very early start!

To be honest even if tomorrow morning is a disaster Im still going to go to this other one on Saturday morning, but will be concentrating at that one on books. Ive got to start getting rid of them. I need the space at the lock-up!

So another new direction for me, in this day and age you have to have more than one string to your bow!

Today the cadac has been used alot. For my lunch I cooked an omlette which was very good indeed, and this evening I cooked a fish curry on it! Bloody brilliant!

The fish curry was so simple to do, just two medium onions, two stalks of celery, a tin of chick peas, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a small tin of mackerell in brine, two teaspoons of madras curry paste. 10 mins later, one fish curry! I didnt bother with rice.

Its a rare treat me cooking fish curry as "M" isnt a lover of it, but seeing that she has gone straight from work to visit her son and have tea with him, Im left to fend for myself!

I havent had the radio or music on all day today, instead I listened to the sound of birds singing! My, are they vocal at the moment! Spring and all that I guess!

Mind you was kept awake by a cockerel early this morning, then the swans doing acrobatics and synchronised honking over the campsite meant that I was awake from around 0400 hrs today!

When I did fall asleep I dreamt, but Im sure it was real, that I was being pinned to the bed and I couldnt speak! I tried to get "M"s attention but I was rigid. However, I did wake her by screaming out! Not a good start to the day for myself or for poor "M"!

China dog then decided to join us! For a small dog she sure does take up alot of room!

I did all my chores today, emptied the loo, refilled water, washed up and then hung the washing out to dry as its been a warm sunny day here. Not a house husband more of a caravan husband!

I should be clear of the market tomorrow by 1200 hrs then Im off into Christchurch to pick up a brass lizard which I won on ebay. Im 99% certain that its actually bronze so worth far more than I bought it for! Will find out when I collect it if Ive made a potential profit or a potential loss!

Hoping to get an early night tonight as that time in the morning is a tad early for me, not looking forward to Saturday as that will be a 0400hrs start!!!

So till later..............


  1. Looking forward to the brass/bronze update and also how you get along at the fair/market.
    Yes self employed people need to be prepared to move fast and enter new areas quickly to keep the bank accounts turning , currently my main business is down 60% since last june after 8 VERY steady years , hopefully the with the budget annoucing no more cuts and no more tax rises this year things might steady abit as if things go down much further i might have NO CHOICE but to live in a caravan LOL

    Wow you do love that cadac it seems to get mention in most blogs more than "H" , its basically a BBQ isnt it , or have i missed out some info somehwere ...where is ya buy it , how much are they ?


  2. Hi Paul, yep the cadac does get alot of mentions as its so versatile! There is a link on the right for Riversway Leisure they sell a full range of Cadacs.

    Being Self Employed means to me every morning I wake up unemployed! Its a hell of a motivator! But seems to work for me! Also willing to look ahead and "outside of the box" You never know where your next opportunity is going to come from.

    Adaptable, flexible and available is a must now, to many people with an attitude of "its not my job" will no doubt shortly find themselves a statistic!

  3. Hello. I'm very new to this and have chosen to live in one myself. I need to know if one can take out the toilet and vanity unit from inside as I don't need to use it as a shower room. I would like to make it bigger inside.