Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rain Stops Play!

Now its not very often that the rain stops me from doing anything, but as I was due to go off to Ford Market this morning, its now 0330hrs and its chucking it down with rain. Im afraid that the rain has put paid to those plans!

Shame as I was looking forward to it! But Im not good getting all my books wet for nothing! So Im going to write this post up then head back to bed!

Yesterday I did Matchams Car Boot, it was very quiet. Not sure if it was due to the weather, which was very overcast to start with or the fact that there was a serious accident which blocked up the roads not far away. I did ok, so cant complain, but when it started to rain around 1030 I quickly packed up and headed for the hills!

Got wet in the process, then met "M" for lunch, picked up some of the bananna boxes from the guys on the fruit stalls at Ringwood market and headed for Shaston to get yet more books to replace the ones that Ive sold!

On my way through I picked up a new gas bottle from The Forest Camping Centre. A pretty good little camping shop only down the road from us. The price has gone up from £19.50 to £23.00 for a 6Kg bottle of propane! Thats some increase! Mind you they havent put their prices up since before the VAT increase so I guess its about right!?

On my way back from Shaston I stopped off up at Wingreen Hill to give China Dog a run, there was alot of low cloud and you couldnt really see a thing so no pictures this time!

Eventually got back to the van, loo required emptying, water refilled, rubbish done, grey waste done. Then time for a quick cuppa, shower, check emails and back out the door with "M" to get weighed in at fat club!

Good news I lost another 3.5Lbs so something is working, bringing my total now to 19 stone 3Lbs, so 1/2 a stone shed in two weeks. I pleased with that. But I have had a cheeky little 99 ice cream, and a latte coffee this week, oh and a number of G and T's. "M" lost 1.5Lbs but she hasnt been as good as I have, mind you she doesnt need to!

Well, back to bed for me. "M" has the day off today, so no rush to get up early - lovely! At least it gives me the chance to get all the packing done as I had a sale finish on ebay, and unusually everyone paid straight away! So 20+ items to box up ready to get out.

Nearly forgot, sold the brass lizard! £7.00 so a £2.01 penny profit.

What Ill do is mention one of the things that Ive bought along the way, like the lizard and see how I get on with it.

So something I won from ebay yesterday was described as a brass plate with enamel inset with African design. Looking at it (it measures almost 30cm in diameter) and it was under the category of Collectables, Metal, Other. So to start with the technique is called Cloisonne which is the term used for applying enamel to brass/copper. This wasnt mentioned and it looks middle eastern, so I will be re-listing it under Antiques, Middle Eastern, Plates, Cloisonne and see where we go from there, unless of course I sell it first at a market. I paid £22.50 for it including shipping.

Its finding the items that have been described wrongly, thats the trick, I do spend a bit of time trawling through ebay, but I think its time well spent.

Ive also got my eye on a couple of vases which havent got the best description as well!

Time for bed, seems weird as Im dressed and ready for the off, but its howling a gale outside, and the local weather for Ford reads heavy rain for 0700 with rain forecast all morning!

Till later.............


  1. When it rains up at Ford it really rains! and it does get a bit blowy as well it didnt take us long to realise the most important things to invest in were some weights for the stall

  2. Off to Ford tomorrow morning, weather looks ok and "M" coming with me if she can get up! I wont be holding my breath!

  3. Just found out about your blog, from one of the camping ladies from ukcs renegade group. Enjoying your blog and relating to the weight loss efforts!

  4. Hi Vic, thanks for the comment! UKCS renegade group??? tell me more!!!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that i am reading your blog with great enthusiasm .... Brilliant so far, well done! .... i'll be commenting more i'm sure...Netty