Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Joined Slimming World!

As a portly sort of gentleman, with a liking in life for everything that is bad for you it has come as no surprise that over the years a few pounds have been added.

Now as I embrace middle age, with so many more things that I want to do and achieve I feel that if I dont shed a few pounds I may not be around to enjoy life for as long as I hoped!

Ive been actively encouraged by Rob who has lost a whopping 8 stone in 38 weeks! Now, thats some weight loss. And he has not skimped on food or drink, just a more balanced diet of the right type of foods.

So, last Wednesday night (16th March) myself and "M" went off to our nearest Slimming World Class! Nervous - was the word. I must admit to feeling slightly uncomfortable with the whole process. Not sure why, Im not the shy retiring type. Ive stood in a room with over 200 people and given presentations, Ive presented to Directors of some of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. So why did this make me nervous?

Probably because its a fear that I have yet to confront on any level. Ive never really been that bothered about my weight. But now as Im getting on, my knees ache and that can only be due to carrying a sack of spuds around with me all the time! And I do mean a sack!

My weight is 19 Stone 11 pounds! What a Fat Ba***rd!

Dont forget that I was in the Army so my fitness levels have been high, well, I say high. I was never a sprinter, but over a long distance I was good. Stamina has never been that much of an issue either, but now I get tired more quickly.

So off we went, "M" says she wants to loose a stone, I think she is really only coming to give me some support which is really sweet of her. As I cant see that she needs to loose weight.

We had our induction, which I must admit went a bit over my head, I found it hard to concentrate with all the other people coming in and milling around behind us.

Then to my horror we sat around in a big circle and the organiser (Emma) a very bubbly and exciteable lady who has lost loads of weight stood and talked to everyone in turn about their weight loss or gain in some circumstances! On the whole, I would say that 99% of people had lost weight since the previous week. Even if it was only a pound, its still a weight loss.

Everyone brings a bit of fruit with them, which is then given to the person who looses the most weight that week, which was a great idea. Considering there must of been at least 40 people, there thats alot of fruit!

After looking through the information thats been given to us and going onto their website, as for normal day to day food, we just need to be a little more careful, but its all the sweet sticky stuff and alcohol that needs to be looked at.

Today is Saturday.
So far Ive stuck to it like glue, with nothing bad for me at all. Do I look any slimmer? Ive no idea, But Im keeping to it. Ive cut out milk and havent had a beer all week! Loads of fruit and nothing sweet/sticky or cake/biscuit looking at all. I havent even had all my allocation of sins either. In fact I think Ive done nothing but what they call free foods. Im hoping that this will give me the kick start and incentive to carry on with it.

Funny thing is Im now actually looking forward to Wednesday night to be weighed in to see if its working! Fingers crossed that it is!

I havent blogged about this yet, as Im waiting till after next Wednesday to see if there has been a change in my weight. If there is Ill be shouting about it, if there isnt ill be wanting to know why!

So Im writing all this in draft at the moment and will publish hopefully next Wednesday.

So far the only thing I miss is having a pint, and cups of tea, but have since discovered that coffee actually tastes better without the milk!

Its now Wednesday late afternoon. Ive been really good all week, nothing bad for me has been eaten or drunk. In fact Ive been very good. Apart from the Gin which I regard as medicinal.

So we will see later this evening if I have in fact lost any weight!

I do hope so, other wise Im having a pint tonight when I get back!

As far as being hungry, to be honest I havent been! With this Slimming World diet its reasonably simple to eat as much of some foods as you want. So its not been that hard work.

What do I miss? A Beer! I havent had one in over a week. However I did have a couple of Gin and Tonics with slimline tonic the other evening, but you cant drink Gin all night. Well you can, and I have, but that was in my bad old days!

So the moment of truth is just after 1900hrs tonight. Will I of lost weight? And then the next question being - How much?

Will find out soon enough -

Back From Fat Club!

Guess what, I lost 4.5lbs and "M" lost 5lbs! so we are doing something right!

So Im now, 19 Stone 6 1/2lbs. Still a Fat B****rd but slightly less of a one than last week!

From what I can make out, Ive been doing things slightly wrong and cut out too many things, which isnt good for you and can actually slow down your weight loss!

So a little readjustment this week, and we shall see where we get to.

Im pleased with that, and "M" is very happy.

Obviously we will keep you updated with our progress.

Pass me an apple - till later.....................


  1. May I draw your attention to a slight inaccuracy re fitness in the Army - I remember you next to me on remedial PT in JHQ ( can't spell Rheindhallen). any way keep it going and a good start chubster.

  2. Ah, yes, well, moving on swiftly! Too many Naafi growlers, thats the pies not the women, though hard to tell the difference sometimes! That an copious amounts of booze! Bring back the days where a double cost less than a can of coke and a pint cost 30p Good old Bad Old Days!

  3. Well done on the first week! How about posting a 'before' photo then we can see what you look like 'after'?

  4. I have been eating raw for some time and like it.This guy lost a lot of weight on this diet.Anyway, you are already prob eating loads of fruit etc..but some interesting reading/inspiration on there.
    Best of luck.

  5. I love the blog. Great post. It is very true, people must learn how to learn before they can learn. lol i know it sounds funny but its very true. . .
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