Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ghostly Goings On, China in a China shop! & Campers Toe!

Firstly forgot to mention an amusing occurrence yesterday, on our way back from the South Coast, we happened to have to call in to Salisbury Auction Rooms, as there was a grassy area, decided that it would be a good idea to let "China" have a quick pee break, so off she trotted and did her business. Now being the loyal and obedient dog that she is, when called to get back in the car she made a dash for the open door of the sale room and darted inside!

In hot pursuit I call her name, not that she was listening, however, many of the porters and workers at the auctioneers were, and looked at me as if I had gone off my rocker, I guess a portly chap dashing in through their sale room doors shouting "China" - "China" where there so happened to be an abundance of it, may of seemed slightly strange! I was waiting for some wise crack to shout out its over there on a shelf, but I didnt hang around long enough to listen.

How could I do anything wrong? - And will you please stop putting eye liner on me!

Now then, I think I have mentioned before about ghostly goings on in the van, well last night I am 100% sure of closing all the blinds in the front (all three). If you accidently let go they make a hell of a rattle as they are highly sprung and a bit on the viscious side. So why didnt we hear them popping up during the night - explain that one!

Im a light sleeper, and would wake if a frog croaked, so not sure at all how it happens!? We have some movement sensors, I may rig one up if Im feeling brave enough, Ive got one somewhere, we bought it whilst we were in a last house as strange things happened there. If we put if out in the hall it would go off for a past time! Draughts didnt set it off or vibration, only if you broke the beam! Very strange, but it was an old house in the heart of Shaston, so who knows!

Campers Toe!

I think its welly boot time, my toes seem to be permanently wet. Im not sure if Campers Toe is the correct medical name for it, but it seems apt so Im sticking with it!

Campers Toe!
Travelling back last night, I managed to catch a couple of rainbows, we had had some heavy rain and as the sun was shining - hey presto!

Vew from our awning!
Sunrise this morning! The mist just clearing.
Spider City! Thick with cobwebs!
Off to tap keys again, so dont forget to take a look at the following  lots of lovely items, and always a fresh collection of new items weekly!

Should really mention my own, especially if you like books!

Till later.........

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