Sunday, 9 January 2011

Amazing Ice!

Woke this morning to a bit of a frosty start, but the sun was shining with amazing blue sky!

First task was to swap the aqua rolls over, learnt the hard way, never take a shower without checking first as you can bet that it will run out when your covered in shampoo! Thing is it was "M" in the shower at the time of the incident, so yes, learnt the hard way - ears still ringing!

Walked out to change things over but noticed that the Fiat was covered in frost, not unusual, but the patterns looked stunning! So got the camera and the best results are below!
Looks like a stone chip, but its all 100% natural ice on the side window!

A blanket of ice on the car roof!

The curve of the car roof!

Its been a lazy day today, my sister, Ali, her partner Mat, and Loopy Lucy came over for lunch, "M" did a cracking roast beef lunch! And that has been about it!

Next weekend wont be so restful as we are off again to our next location! A quick statistic for you - this is our 137th consecutive night now in the van!

Talking of statistics - Google, who runs this blog provide me with some interesting statistics, of how many hits we recieve, where they are coming from and a load more other geeky info, so hi to all those who are dropping by still from UKCS (yep, the ones that blocked me from their forums)! Still dont no why!  and thanks for looking, oh and dont forget I realise that not all of you subscribe to the blog so dont leave comments, but our email is if you would like to drop us a line, as I can always cut/paste any comments onto a post!

Anyway, enough all ready. Till later.........


  1. Stunning pics! I love the way ice looks but never remember to take a pic.

    Congrats on night 137 :o)


  2. Loving the blog. Fantastic pics of the ice. We too live in our caravan but only for six months of the year.

  3. Thank you for all the great posts
    so adorable! they do look like
    The cantan is great, all the posts here about that pattern have prompted me and it looks like you did a very professional job. insulation blankets