Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fantastic New Piece Of Kit!

I came across this just the other day, I havent seen them before, they may of been around for a while, but I certainly havent come across them.

Its a high density foam like square, multi-coloured with a little grab handle at the top, they weigh next to nothing  and measure 35cm wide, 30cm tall and 3cm thick.

As Ive got knackered knees these are perfect for when you have to kneel down, like myself, when Im praying for forgiveness or when Im fiddling around on the floor. Also great for sitting on during the summer! We are now using one to place under the aqua roll as insulation for when the next frost hits us!

So if you do suffer from sore knees, then this is the bit of kit for you!

Where do I get said item? From me! If you are interested can get one in the post to you, for £4.49 sent 1st class. But as they say - Hurry whilst stocks last!!

You can email me at and happy to take cheques, postal orders or good old paypal.
So many uses! Kneeling when begging for forgiveness, gardening, sitting on, insulation, stopping things rattle when moving, A caravan step seat cushion or seat, it could be used as a lap tray! It floats, what a bit of kit, you need to own one with so many uses it will bound to come in handy!

Till later.........

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