Sunday, 23 January 2011

Its The Weekend! Part 3

Sunday, woke to birds singing? no. Wind in the trees? no. The moo of a cow? no.

Bloody shotguns! There must of been a dozen or more all letting rip probably no more than 2 fields away! Must of been a shooting club shooting at clays as they didnt wander off. I enjoy shooting, havent been in years, but not 9.30am on a Sunday morning!

Once awake Im up, never been one for lying in bed all day. Took China dog out for a quick trip around the site and into the woods, told her off for trying to stick her head down a rabbit hole, stepped back and fell into one, straight on my arse.

Got back to the van, emptied out the loo, no probs with that, sorted out water etc and had a bit of breakfast.

This afternoon we went out for a walk, along a disused railway track, which on the map says its a footpath, but we came across two locked gates, so not too sure what was going on with that, we eventually gave up and turned to go back to the car. China dog was filthy, not good as we had the Fiat and that is our clean car. The freeland looks like we keep chickens in it!

Back at the van, Im banished to the awning whilst "M" is hoovering, and generally cleaning up after me! So keeping head down, even though its getting a bit nippy out here.

The other fat ball for the birds has gone! It can only be the squirrels!

I didnt manage to get the woodpecker today, infact I didnt hear him at all. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Its been a very lazy weekend, which has been lovely, its rare that we do nothing!

Next weekend, we may have friends coming over for the Saturday night, nothing definate yet, so will wait and see what happens.

Monday Im off up to Shaston for the day, Ive a day in Bournemouth and the rest of the time will be spent on site.

So till next time...........

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