Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Healthier Eating!

For the last couple of days we have been eating alot more healthily! Instead of calorie ridden lunches consisting of crisps, sandwiches, chocolate etc, they have been replaced by a massive container of salad, with a big chunk of chicken (yesterday) and tuna (today)! Also had loads of fruit, nuts, a yoghurt and an actimel drink! Breakfast is a bowl of cereal, and the evening meals have been full of goodness!

Yesterday, by the time I got back to the van, I was that hungry I could of eaten a fly blown donkey, but today, its been ok! I think what "M" has done is basically copied slimming world, but I dont need to go to a draughty hall, and humiliate myself infront of others with those talking scales that say "Only one at a time" And "Who ate all the pies - You Did"! So we will see how it goes! Ive been good, no chocs or crisps at all! And I didnt get to finish off the Quality Street! They have disappeared!

Took the car into the garage, as there was a droning sort of noise coming from somewhere. It turns out to be the rear propshaft, an easy replacement you would of thought, it certainly was on my old Suzuki SJ413, but oh no, this is a Landrover Freelander with a permanent 4wd system. Replacement cost is, hope your sat down? Yep, close on £2000  AAARRRRHHHHH!

So no longer are we 4wd but 2wd! Being the cheapest option of just removing the prop all together! A new back box was also fitted, and also we had the curious case of no brake lights! The mystery being that the electrician could find no live feed to the back lights at all! No wires!!!! Well they were working! So not too sure what is going on there! Anyway, no longer do we sound like a V8, the brake lights now work, and we only have front wheel drive! The best bit was the cost! £136.00 I thought the back box alone would of been that! So thanks to Chris Rose at Motcombe Garage for sorting it all out! Another fellow caravanner!

"M" bought a new hoover! A dirt devil, well thats what it says on the box, it sure does suck up dog hair! Our old hoover was a bit asthmatic, and to be honest was on its last legs, but this one is that good it will strip paint!

Back into Bournemouth tomorrow to complete packing antiques that were sold over the New Year period. They did ok, making good money. Most of the Chinese antiques are on their way back to their original home!

Off for a cup of tea, so till later........


  1. Humiliation at slimming world is the way forward. Every Tuesday 6pm. 6 pounds on over Christmas. It's the way forward. Very old habits die hard - large Bailleys anyone?

  2. For lunch I stick some broccoli, carrots and frozen potato mash in the microwave for about ten minutes. Pour some gravy over it. Yum Yum. Healthy as well.

  3. Mark, at least I dont drink it by the pint anymore! Good Old - Bad old days!!!!!! How did we do it!

  4. Your fault. You led me along the Devils path.

  5. Was that the same path that led to the Queensway or the Marley?


    the above might help with the freelander prop issue...