Thursday, 20 January 2011

Home Is Where The Caravan Is!

Firstly thanks to all, for your comments either on here, via email or twitter, they are all really appreciated!

Today I spent at the caravan, our home since August 26th 2010. I love being here, its got everything we need, and with modern technology full mobile broadband. I use "3" which has worked everywhere we have been so far, its reliable, quick and inexpensive.

Spent the day getting books ready for listing onto ebay. Photographed 140 books, then edited the pictures, then did the listings using Turbo lister. Got a box done, only 3 more boxes to go in this little lot!

I also had books to post out, off to the local post office, closed for lunch, ok, off to the next village, yep, closed for lunch! So ended up having to go into Ringwood to send them off. Well no one can say that I didnt try to use the village post office, so if you close through lack of use, sorry but you were too busy scoffing your lunch!

Back at the caravan, emptied the loo, oh how good it was to have a proper emptying point, no splash backs, no smell, and a good hose to wash out with! Funny the things that bring you joy!

Other jobs consisted of getting out the portable washing machine and the tumble dryer. "M" is off tomorrow, so wants to do some washing. Normally we or I should say "M" goes to the laundrette, but as the weather is good, and "M" is off with no plans she has decided to do some here.

Once all that was done, I took some pictures of the caravan and, China dog managed to creep into some of them, got to look to spot here though!

You can just spot China dog bottom right of awning!

The windbreak is to protect the aquarolls from windchill

Note the orange storm strap replacement and China dog once again poking her head out bottom right!

Our trusty trailer, £80 from ebay!

Not sure what these are, but they looked good in the winter sun

Grey squirrels are fun to watch, but this is the damage they can do to the trees!

This is the view that I have when sat at my laptop in the awning! Can think of worse views!

Yep another sunset! Reckon Ive a sunset addiction!

Tomorrow Im off to Shaston for the day to do some ebay listing work, finishing at 4pm, as it doesnt get dark till nearly 5pm now it will be lovely to drive back with a bit of light!

Nothing planned for the weekend, so will be a relaxing one for us. A few beers perhaps, well, why not!

Till later...........


  1. great pics, not the sort of pics you can get from a house, cant wait till we get out of this house our little boy and 2 border collies are going to love it.

  2. It's a mansion I tell you! LOL! Our Paddy sticks his head out the bottom of the awning just like China :)

  3. Its certainly a good place to bring up children, fresh air and the countyside, you will love it!

    Not sure about a mansion, its a sizeable outfit though, we felt like we had just won the lottery when we got it!

  4. Love your photos, you have a real eye for what's good to take