Saturday, 22 January 2011

Its The Weekend! Part 1

Woke up this morning to a grey and cold start, but what actually woke me was the unmistakeable sound of a woodpecker. This has been around the 4th or 5th morning that Ive heard him, but, so far I havent been able to spot him. The colours on these birds are just amazing so Im very keen to get a good shot of him.

So, armed with camera, boots and still in my dressing gown, I venture out, a bit nippy around the trossachs but putting my discomfort aside I fearlessly ventured on. Trouble was by the time I had undone the zip on the awning, (you know the sound that makes) he was off! Only a robin, who wasnt that interested in me but more intent on the fatball "M" had hung in a nearby tree.

Back inside to warm up, just as well, 5 mins later its started to rain/sleet, it cant decide which.

I was reading this morning she mentioned something which stuck in my mind, not the fact she has a new tent, or that she was staying in a wonderful garden, nope, all to do with getting tents and awnings back in their bags! Ive never been able to do that, and on looking recently at the huge mounds of material of our awning and the bags we have available I am now firmly convinced they are packed by creatures not of this earth! I cant even get all the poles to go into the right bag! As far as tent pegs are concerned, they go into a plastic container complete with the rubber ladder still attached!

Last night we started to watch the epic adventure of Froddo Baggins in Lord of the Rings - extended version (as if it wasnt long enough) I read the book many years ago, but never got around to watching the films. So we watched the first 2 DVD's last night, as a result my back is hurting from being led at an awkward angle. The film is good and looking forward to watching the rest over however long it will take us!

On a recent thread at it talked about garbage tv. We dont watch tv at all, its not even connected up in the van at all. Back at our old house we did have a tv, but it was rarely watched, the odd documentry, news or film but that was it. We could go weeks without even going in the sitting room! Preferring to sit in our kitchen around the pine farmhouse table and talk, eat and drink. I always feel that the kitchen should be the focal point of any house, the hub where it all goes on. Probably why I like caravanning so much, the kitchen is bang smack in the middle of the van, so what ever you do its there. We both enjoy cooking which is a big plus, and we have cooked some amazing meals since being in the van.

When we bought this caravan, the one thing we noticed was that the cooker was virtually unused, this I really dont understand. Its got 4 gas rings, grill and oven, so no different to a home style one, all though it is a tad smaller, but not by much!

And whilst talking of that, Ive heard of people that dont use their showers in their vans, why not? Personally not that keen on standing in others dead skin and juices!

Id be interested to hear from anyone who doesnt use all that their caravans have to offer!

Best get on, plenty to do today, just thought Id write down things as they came to me, otherwise I would be sure to forget!

Till later........


  1. A very interesting blog. Well done

    Funky Farmer from caravan chat

  2. We've got a system now for putting all the foldy things in bags - it works normally, but gets ditched if it's chucking down LOL

    Must admit - if we're on a club site, we do use their showers.....however we're going to a few this summer where we'll be having a "super pitch" or whatever - where you have your own water supply and drain. I've bought the "mains water adaptor" thingy for the aquaroll so we'll prob use the vans shower........

    We like our telly - so we always take our sky box and I've got a sky dish/tripod/pole so we usually have telly for the evenings :)