Saturday, 22 January 2011

Its The Weekend! Part 2

The woodpecker has now been spotted! He has fantastic markings, black, white with red flashes, simply stunning. The only problem is I still havent managed to capture him with the camera. So tomorrow, I think Ill be on a bit of a mission!

"M" placed two fat balls for the birds on the trees near the caravan, one has completely vanished! I think its the squirrels, cheeky blighters!

Its been a cold day, very little sun, and a slight breeze, Ive been sat in the caravan listing books and gazing out of the window and watching the birds. It doesnt get anymore relaxing than this. "M" has been reading and is now snoozing with China dog curled up next to her.

In fact I cant remember a day when this is all we have done! Usually have something or somewhere to go, but this weekend - nothing!

Its certainly staying lighter in the evenings now, which Im mighty pleased about. It makes such a difference, just having those extra few minutes everyday. Roll on the summer!

Thinking ahead, we have to get all the forms sorted out for the various shows we intend on going to. Then comes the fun and games of all the planning. Last year we did the shows, but we always went back to the house afterwards, this time its on to the next place!!

When the shows finished on the Sunday evening, we packed up and headed home with heavy hearts, we use to say "wouldnt it be fantastic just to keep on going, and stay in the caravan" just goes to show, becareful what you wish for!!!!

We are both so looking forward to the summer months, it will be amazing to wake up in these types of surroundings. Im often found just stood outside the van, just looking about, taking in all the sounds, smells and sights. Even in the dark, its amazing, the moon over the last few nights has been spectacular, we have zero light polution where we are. You certainly get more intune with nature living as we do. You just dont have the same experience living in bricks and mortar. Well, I dont think so.

January hasnt been as cold as it was predicted back in December, which is good, but I'd rather it was cold than wet. It takes no time at all for the ground to become churned up, no matter how careful you are. The campsite here is holding up fairly well, it does get wet, but it appears to drain well.

Two years ago I got stuck in mud with the freelander going into a show, ok, it was wet and muddy, but the road tyres just didnt give any grip. So last year we replaced them with "All Terrains", which seem to work well.

Our first show will be the Abbey Hill Steam Show at Yeovil over the May day bank holiday weekend, its a 4 day show, both looking forward to it. There is something about the smell of the steam engines. Also to meet up with folk who you havent seen for a while, its a fairly close knit circle who exhibit, where everyone seems to know everyone else. This will be our 2nd year of exhibiting.

"M" wants a stationary engine of her own, but the one she wants is not a cheap version! We will have to see what happens!

Ill try and put together a list of shows on in this area, if you have never been to a show, do so. There is something for everyone, especially the kids! and the big kids like me!

It was these shows that got us into caravanning in the first place!

Well, enough waffle from me, tonight we are having grilled smoked haddock, and will probably have a beer to aid its digestion.

Till later..............


  1. This sure is an excellent blog. You not only have changed your living circumstances but the whole modality of your life. I think this blog has partly made me realise what I want to do and it looks like very soon I will be making positive changes to achieve my ambitions. Hopefully one of my posts next week on my blog will get it all down. This blog is much more than just about living in a caravan as far as I see it.

  2. Things have certainly changed for us in every respect! You are right this blog has changed since it started, now becoming more of a personal diary open to view by anyone who has the time to read it!

  3. Your Woodpecker is almost certainly a Great Spotted Woodpecker. You can even sex it by looking at the back of its head ! Male has a red spot, female just plain black and white. Rather than chasing about trying to photograph it put up a feeder with peanuts in it.

    So "M" wants her own stationary engine ? Hook it up to a washer and you can do your laundry while at the show !