Sunday, 16 January 2011

Awning Down - Awning Up!

Well below is the message you get when you speak your mind on !!!!

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

So, go careful folks it could happen to you to! And they say that caravanning is a friendly pass time!

Thanks to all for your emails of support! It really is appreciated.
Anyway as life is too short to worry about their immaturity and pettiness, shall move on and draw a line under it all! Sad though - for them that is - not for us!!!!!!!!!

Our orginal plan was to take the awning down on Saturday afternoon, as it was "M"s turn to work on Saturday morning. But, the wind was just to blustery, and we decided that it wasnt worth the risk of damaging either the awning or the caravan if it did decide to take off!

So Sunday morning was shit or bust as they say, thankfully, we got the awning down and packed away in record time - 30 mins! So that has taken us upto the next level to Expert Campers! We set off for Silverwoods, leaving the trailer behind to collect later in the day.

But first we had to hook up and pull away on a damp field with just front wheel drive, once again, the landy pulled well with no probs at all. It really is indestructable! I was concerned as its not a small caravan as you know! We got upto Silverwoods 20 mins later, went into see the owners, such a lovely couple, and was directed by Johns wife firstly to the wrong pitch, then once we had re-checked where they wanted us to go, to our allocated pitch! This site is classified as a hideaway site, I think thats the right terminology! Spacious, we have our own little secluded spot, hook up not far away, and our own water point, 30 feet away. Fantastic!

We levelled up, threw out of the landy anything that "M" needed and I dashed back to get the trailer.

Once back we set up the awning, just as we had got the sides on it started to rain, so lucky we got that far in the rain, but putting in the pegs was no fun! We even have screw in pegs to speed up the process but the water was running off my water proof coat and straight down the crack of my arse - soaked!

Last time we put on the storm straps we noticed that the plug of the strap, one of the forks had broken off, not too sure how it happened, but we used it anyway, but today when we went to use it, it just wouldnt connect, so plan B, out with a ratchet strap! pulled it through the loop on the awning and it bloody ripped! So not impressed with that. We have now got it secure by securing it to the awning frame and using the ratchet strap connected to the spring to the heavy duty peg. So sorted in the end!

After a shower and a shave, as I was starting to look like the wild man of Borneo once more, I feel alot better, as this was the first time we had taken the awning down, and put it back up on the same day! Its knackering!

Sat now with a beer, and the Lasagne (home-made) is now ready, so till later..........


  1. Sorry to be 'dull' but as that is the 2nd forum you've been banned from (and the 3rd you've left), you may have to consider that you are the problem and not them.

    No, I'm not jealous of your lifestyle choice but I am finding it fascinating, so keep going. Just be nicer on forum's.... ;-)

  2. I had never heard of this site, so I had a look and joined, if nothing more than to see if they like my van and get a few more hits on the site. Have you tried I joined this site also, but it may be much of the same. I think you get alot of elderly retired members in these sites with a bit of an inflexible attitude problem and if you don't fit their view of the average caravanner then you are in for some stick. Alot of the time they seem to argue for the sake of argument, and it can be amusing. But to ban someone without the backbone to give a reason is a bit lame. I am wondering if the following site might be more your thing.

    It's motorhomes, but essentially no different from what you are doing with the caravan.

  3. Hi Niel, just to get it straight, its only the two we have now been banned from, not sure where you get the third from?
    We have never once entered into any arguments or debates on forums. Never gone out of our way to upset anyone, however as Nomadic says above we do not fit into the weekend caravanner stereotype and therefore are viewed differently and in my opinion we are victimised as a result of other peoples narrow mindedness. Our last run in with MFC was simply over using our blog site address as a signature! Now tell me that isnt being petty! Or maybe as Ive said we are viewed differently. I really dont want to bang on about this, but it tells me that some folk are very prejudice of our chosen lifestyle.
    As regarding being nice on forums, please read my posts on UKCS my user name was bakers-cottage I ask you to find a post where I havent been nice, quite simply you wont!

    To give you an analogy, its like joining a posh yacht club, with an all singing yacht, but failing to wear a tie and jacket you are black balled! Absolutely pathetic.

  4. I'm not up with this blogging mullarkey - blimey! they ask you to be a "profile" before you are allowed to comment eeek!! Wonder if my google a/c will do....if you read this, my google account is good enough currency in these parts, if you don't read this...erm well you'll never know I said it I suppose......anyway I've forgotten what I was going to say....Mick