Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sunrise! What A Difference Sunshine Makes

Woke up this morning for the 2nd time with no power coming into the caravan!

Yesterday when it was chucking it down with rain we woke to no power, it had been off for some time as the inside van temp was down very low. I first checked our circuits, all seemed ok, none had tripped, ventured outside to check the EHU box, and it wouldnt trip, so then went upto the parlour where the campsite circuit box is kept. As I approached, David who runs the site was busy digging out EHU cables. He said that he had noticed the power off at 3am, but waited till the light to do anything. He reckons that there is a join halfway down the cable so that could be a problem. So we joined a couple of the cables and ran them from another EHU box. Everything working fine again.

This morning, we woke to no power again, so off I trot upto the main circuit box, the trip was down, so reset it and we were back in action again. It wasnt that cold in the van, so we think it had only just gone off, around 6am ish. Then this evening, bearing in mind Ive been back since around 3pm, nothing extra running, the power goes off again, back to the circuit board, yep, reset the trip and back on! So we can only assume that its one of the other campers overloading on their return to their units! We will have to keep an eye on this, as if it trips over night with low temps we could wake to frozen pipes and Ill not be impressed!

As I was up, I could see that it was a lovely clear morning, the sun just coming up from behind the trees, so got the camera out and snapped a few pics which Ive loaded on at the bottom.

Ive been down at Bournemouth this morning, working for an antiques dealer, he had just driven from London, via Newbury Auctions then down to Bournemouth. I noticed on the roof of his car was a mug! it was trapped between the roof bars that run the length and the breadth of the car. He said he heard a rattle but couldnt make out where it was coming from since he left London!

Anyway, pics as promised.

I couldnt decide on which was the best, so in the end included them all!

Till later........

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  1. I can well understand the frustration with the ehu. We experienced the same thing on a CL site a couple of years ago in December, but had to call out the site owner each time. We found out it was down to the couple in the motorhome on the next pitch, they were out all day but as soon as they arrived back they had everything plugged in a tripped the whole site. Not funny when it's -5! Hope you don't have any more problems with yours.

    Lovely photos by the way!