Monday, 3 January 2011

Awning Up - All Records Broken!

We put the awning up today. Not one of my favourite pastimes, one of those things that you dont like doing but when its done your mighty glad you did it! A bit like going to the dentist with toothache!

Anyway, we got up and got it done first thing which Im also glad that we did as it tipped down with rain this afternoon, and its cold at just over 2 degrees!

We got the awning up in 1hr 15mins, which is our quickest yet, but the one trick that really helped was, when we took it down, we kept all the poles together and didnt split them down. So it was dead easy to sort out where they all went.

The awning always looks so big with nothing in it, but it doesnt take us long to fill it up!

Ive put up a windbreak around the water containers, they are lagged as well and off the ground on a wooden plinth and sat on two sheets of foam. So fingers crossed they shouldnt freeze, all though its the pipe that tends to freeze and that is lagged and wrapped!

We have spoken to the site owners, we can only stay here for two weeks so we are off again a little sooner than we expected, so we will probably go back to Silverwoods if we can get in! Will find out in the next couple of days. If not, we will have to think again. Thankfully there are still a number of sites we havent been to yet, so we do have at least another half dozen or so options.

Ive been tapping keys this afternoon, I havent done as much as I would of liked, but there are only so many hours in the day! "M" went off grocery shopping, which enabled me to get on without distractions.

We are still eating left overs from Xmas! Mince pies and custard this evening!

Forgot to say that when we arrived here, "M" went to open her wardrobe but it had jammed shut! we managed in the end to prize it open with no damage. The centre latch and top latch were free but the bottom latch was jammed shut. It was caused by a thin wooley cardi falling off the shelf and getting caught up in the hook mechanism! So watch out for that folks! we have also noticed that the bottom latch on my wardrobe has been removed, guess the same thing happened there!

The Freelander is off to the garage tomorrow morning! fingers crossed it wont be too expensive!

Anyway, off to watch a DVD then chill with a book, so till later...........

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