Saturday, 15 January 2011

Power Goes To Some Folks Heads!

Before we started this little adventure of ours, I did alot of research into the pros and cons of it all, what I found useful to some degree was various forums that were camping or caravan related.

These to me seem to be full of people who were caravanning, well that was the appearence, however, once I'd joined and started contributing to them I soon found out that it wasnt like that at all. There were and are some extemely lovely people on these forums, but every now and again it came across that a small minority were not interested in what we did as to them it appeared to be little what caravanning they did! Total nonsense of course, but what can you do?

Our first experience was with UKCS, they eventually banned me from posting, no explanation as to why, we are not derogatory, racist, or horrible to anyone, so for the life of me cannot explain why we were blocked, then only last night at another forum MFC, Im told to remove the link from my signature as it was against there rules. Rules??? Im not a business, Im not here to make money, Im just here to record our story for others to read, and hopefully enjoy, and also to pass on any bits of info that we come across!

So thats enough for me, Im out of there, and have posted that. However, the person shall remain nameless, but I received a lovely email from someone telling me that perhaps its because others are jealous of what we are doing! Jealous of us - you have to be kidding! Why? But then I began to think about it - We are better off in so many ways, financially and mentally! So maybe there is truth in it after all.

The power to be able to go - Nope - dont like them, they are doing things that I cant, so I, as I can, Ill just hit that block button or remove the link button, that will teach them to be enjoying themselves!

Anyway, if your jealous of us attempting to take the awning down in a gale with it raining then you are sadder than a sadder troop of clowns on a sad day out!

But.... seem to of embraced us, we even have a direct link from their forum page! A new forum, I think with only 6 members, but, remember - little acorns etc.

From now on that is where we will be hanging out!

Will do a new post tomorrow, as this afternoon will involve alot of swearing, and getting "M" or myself out of buses and trees as we attempt to take the awning down. Tomorrow we move!

Till later.....


  1. Sometimes I despair at the regulations on UKCS, some just never make sense! Just thought I'd reply to your post on my blog....

    I wouldn't know where to start on a website anymore. I have someone interested in Wales but they haven't got the foam cushions in there yet. Apart from that no interest but it might pick up now Christmas is out of the way and people want to get away soon.

  2. To bad if they are jealous - you are breaking the rules and living for yourself and good on you. My power company decided to backdate my power usage the day before Christmas and sent me a bill for 500 quid - nice that. So others may well be jealous of your life. It is going to be a great day when I let my landlord know I no longer require the flat. That day comes soon.

  3. Hi Andi, like you said, Xmas over things may pick up, why not write a blog called caravan-seat-covers or similar, dead easy and update regular with pics etc, half way there and at no cost!!!

  4. Hi Nomad, Ouch £500 thats exactly why we are no longer in a house! Bet you cant wait!!!!