Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Talking Cobblers!

Its important to check the soles of your shoes!
Why? because if you dont, how will you know when they are going to wear through, and in this weather it could mean a wet foot!

Thankfully I check my soles on a regular basis, which "M" finds rather strange, in fact Ive just been given one of those looks, you know the one! Hence this inspired post. But as I come from a long line of cobblers, and thats real cobblers and not talking a whole load of it I think it must be in my DNA. Mind you, for those that know me, talking cobblers is an art that I am well skilled at!

Now the term "talking cobblers" comes from Cockney rhyming slang - and, Cobblers Stalls - Balls. Another piece of non caravanning related information!

However, after a bit of research, a cobbler is not only a shoe maker, but also a type of food, either savoury or desert, a mountain in Scotland, a piece of software, a fish, a ship - USS Cobbler, and the Nickname for Northampton town football club! Blimey, didnt realise there were so many different types!

The other thing that I always comment on are those people who leave the sales stickers on the soles of their shoes! Dont do it - take them off! Why do they do it? If you bought a new jumper you wouldnt leave the sales ticket on it!

Wonder how many of you are guilty of this! and how many of you are now actually checking!!??

Finally, a piece of caravan information - we use a cobblers last to stop the door flap from flapping up on the awning door. OK, its a bit heavy, but it certainly does its job, and we feel its worth lugging about with us.

See, you all thought I was just talking cobblers, but it was really leading you to this vital piece of awning equipment!

Till later.......

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