Saturday, 8 January 2011

Crash - Bang - Wallop!!!

Walking back to the caravan last night after an early evening stroll with China Dog, we heard a thud, imagine hitting a wooden door with a hammer!, I couldn't make out what it was, but guessed it was coming from the barn, I was just at the awning door, and heard some loud cracks, again coming from the barn, I shouted to "M" quick, come here, I think the barn is collapsing! I pointed my head torch in the direction of the barn and watched it as the end section fell! "M" just missed it.

Going back to a previous post when we used this camp site for the first time I took a photograph of it, in its original state, so Ive put them both below as a sort of before and after shot!

Going, Going..........................


"M" phoned the campsite owners, who didn't sound too surprised! (funny that)! I took the photo's this morning! I really don't think its going to be long before the next section falls down! That will make a racket!

So far this week, we have both been very good, eating healthy food and enjoying it. However, we blew it last night as we went into Ringwood for a pint, we started off at The Star which has a reputation for fine Thai food, so we booked a table for later, had a couple of Black Rat Ciders 6% jollop and then headed over the road to see Sergie at the Italian restaurant called Bettolla's Marina, had a couple of Peronis washed down with a Strega I love Strega but "M" thinks its nothing more than toilet cleaner! Back over the The Star, where I had the best hot and sour soup ever! "M" had butterfly king prawns with a chili dip, and for main, I had Kung Po Pork, and "M" had a Chinese curry, which although very good, she felt was a little bland. We then adjourned to the bar where the Bombay Sapphire was attacked with Gusto! So a bit of a blow out really!

High wind last night, which had nothing to do with the cider! The caravan was rolling around, it was like sleeping on ferry with a rough sea! A fair bit of creaking from the awning, "M" got up once to check, and I got up a bit later, just the centre pole required re-tightening. But it was a fairly rough night!

Today, Ive been tapping keys, and for myself as well, which is a bit of a change! "M" went off with the laundry, and that has really been our day!

There was a good sunset this evening, and as I love a good sunset, had to get the camera out and take a few shots, so thought I would share them with you! The last one looks as if it should of been shot from Mars! not Ringwood, mind you after walking around the town their are a number of folk who look as if they come from another planet!

That's all folks, till later..........

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