Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day At The Caravan

Its been a good day for me today, I managed to get loads done, Ive just got hold of a whole load of old postcards from early to mid 1900's. Ive been busy listing these on ebay today. Over the next few days should be around 70 a day going up, depending on interuptions!

Its been very mild as well, 10 degrees, cant complain at all, but looking at the forecast looks like it will get colder towards the end of the week. I hope we have seen the last of the snow, very pretty to look at, but not really my thing at all.

Many thanks to all, still, for all the messages that we have received! Its always great to hear from people and I do try and reply to any emails/comments we receive.

The power still trips every now and again, but never during the day when the other full timers are away, as Ive been here all day, its all been fine, but this evening, more or less the same time the power goes again. I think I know who it is, but what do you say to them? Thankfully I know and have access to the sites main fuse panel, a 2 min walk, trip the switch and we are back in business. But must say, a tad annoying. Surely you would realise if you plug something in and it trips your unit!? I know we would!!

It would also be useful to know when it goes off in the early hours, a little alarm on your control panel would be good, they probably have this on newer vans? Lunar if your reading, maybe an idea??

The van itself has held up well over the winter so far, no condensation at all. But, and I guess this is the problem with a light weight van is that when it gets windy we do feel as if we are in a tumble dryer! The van does seem to shudder well! Which is a little disturbing especially when trying to sleep.

The Woodpecker Ive been informed (thanks) is a Greater Spotted male who has since legged it, havent seen him or heard him since Saturday! We havent hung anymore fatballs up, seems a bit of a waste of time, the squirrels will just rob them. I did come across in a near by bush a proper plastic bird feeder, but its been chewed into! Rats or squirrels? So not sure what the answer is.

Off to watch a DVD, Ive been looking at this screen all day, and eyes are tired.

Till later............


  1. if you have a chat with one of the rangers at any time i think you'll find its ok to trap/shoot the squirrels as they a heavily overpopulated in the new forest . Apparently they taste fantastic !

  2. Ohhh fried or boiled squirrel sounds tasty ...AND !!! It will save you a few quid ! on a few nights meals ..you can use the squrrel coats for throws on the couch or add to inside of your quilt for supper smooth silky and sexy warmth :-)..wonder if you can sell squirrel coats on ebay mmm new market for ya