Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Anyone For A Spot Of Lion Taming?

As I go through the hundreds of postcards that recently found their way into my hands I came across one which made me stop in my tracks and think about it.

Its of Captain G Sadlere an Animal Trainer at the Grand Hall-By-The-Sea at Margate in the very early 1900's. The postcard that I have is dated 1905. Now those were the days!

Here he is below!
Here is a man with no fear! With the rank of Captain he probably saw his fare share of Lions during his Boer War Tour.

However, this does take it to another level! What was he thinking of at the time?

"Shit if that opium wears off I'm lunch"! or maybe "I didn't sign up for this - Wheres the union rep" or "When they said would you like some pussy around your shoulders, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind"!

Perhaps you could make up your own captions and add them on the comments below.

What I also thought of was, would this be done today, in this land of political correctness and health and safety.

I can just imagine the health and safety rep, err, sorry sir, you cant go round with a lion on your shoulders. You might hurt your back lifting him up!

I can also imagine as he gets home, his wife says, Hi dear, how was work today? well, just a normal day at the office, had a full grown male lion draped around my neck, oh that's lovely dear, cup of tea!

Anyway, a cracking postcard which is up for sale on ebay this evening at my site "bakers-cottage" with a no reserve start of only 99p

So come on, add your captions!!!???

Till later................


  1. "I thought you asked if I wanted a lie-in this morning, not a lion!"

  2. "Hmmm....actually mate, I don't think it WILL catch on as a replacement for a foxfur" :)

  3. should have gone to specsavers