Friday, 14 January 2011

Travellers - Grrrrr.

The sun came out this afternoon! So, decided to take China out for a bit of a stroll around the lanes, got up the end of the track and a guy in a car slowed down, wound his window down and said, F****ing Gypo's moved in up the road at the empty farm! Then drove off!

Not to sure what he wanted me to say or do, but with that in mind thought I may as well walk up and take a peek. Not so much Gypsies as travellers! You know the sort, long hair, grimey and enough scrap metal through various parts of their bodies to set off security at heathrow. I got there and blocking the entrance to the farmyard was a 4x4, didnt look like a traveller he said he was the Estate manager and they had cut the lock off of the gates over night and got in, not only to the yard but broke into the house as well! He was sat there in his 4x4 stopping an old battered van and caravan from getting in. The Police had been informed but they were next to useless!

What is wrong with folk! Why cant they pull up on a verge or common ground, why destroy property? I appreciate we each have a right to live how we wish, but not at the bloody expense of others!

If it were me I would be up there with a couple of tractors, tow chain onto the nearest vehicle and drag them all over the nearest field, then out onto the road!

Just been speaking to the campsite owners, we are being blocked in, incase they head this way! Tractors across the entrance to the site and gates all closed and locked! Ill be pulling in all aqua rolls inside tonight just in case they have a wander around! They are only 5 mins walk away! Thank God we move on Sunday as I dont like the idea of leaving the caravan and awning unattended!

We take the awning down tomorrow afternoon, ready for our move on Sunday! So tomorrow morning Im emptying the awning, it will all go into the trailer or the back of the Landy, so no real trouble in getting it all stowed away. We are both really looking forward to going back to Silverwoods, it is a really lovely little site, and the owners are great!

Apparently now a court order has been served on them and they have 7 days to move! 7 days, they have damaged property and broken into an empty house! What is the world coming to! 24 hrs locked in the village stocks would be a starter, then in a dark damp cell for at least 6 months! Followed by a public flogging just to leave them with a momento of their errors! Now thats my manifesto if anyone wants to vote me in!

Will update tomorrow if we hear anymore, off for a beer and spaghetti bolognese, all home made, not a packet or jar of sauce in site!

Till later........

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