Friday, 28 January 2011

Now Dreaming Of Lions!

Now then, Im not normally one to remember dreams but last night I dreamt about being in a large building/factory unit with lots of rooms in it with other people and being chased by Lions. Being the hero that I am, I coldly shut others in with the lions so that I could escape! "M" came to my rescue with a pair of nail scissors!

Well, I put this dream onto a forum I now use and bugs came back to me with an explanation of my dream.

So Im now wandering around the camp site in the dark with a big stick incase Im attacked as apparently depending on how you look at things I could be in danger. Those squirrels have certainly been giving me the evil eye all day!

Talking of big sticks or more to the point (excuse the pun) I came across a rather splendid example of a sword stick the other day. It looks exactly the same as a walking cane with a rounded top with a little brass plate which by the simple flick of the wrist out pops out a 4 inch blade! Now its not illegal to own one of these, but the boys in blue are not happy about you wandering down the street with one! Shame really, imagine the scenario "OK grandad, give us your dosh" reply "OK son, but first feel my steel"! flick - ouch!

Oh I wish!! I think I should of been born in the Victorian times when this was common practice!

Changing the subject completely, I found myself in today, put up a post about living in a caravan and you wouldnt believe the hits the blog took!

However, what I did find rather worrying was that some of the posts were not only negative but to the point of being so off the mark it made me chuckle.

Then, the whole thread was removed, as I had made a reference to my blog, surely these websites are about helping people and giving advice on what you know!

However I found out that they dont like refereces to blogs as you can apparently make money on them!? Well folks my days earnings so far to day are - wait for it - yep 1pence!!!

Managed to post another thread with no references and that has remained up - so far!!!!

Apart from Monday this week, Ive spent everyday at the caravan! Must say its been heaven!

Ive been working though, its not all bird/squirrel watching and taking China for walks!

Ive sorted and listed over 200 postcards which are up for sale as we speak, only around the same again to do!

Ive also been toying with an idea thats been kicking around for a while, which is to put all the relevant information about living in a caravan into words that are easy to read and understandable for the benefit of people who know nothing about caravans into a format such as an ebook, and market it.

In this economic climate I think that there will be a few more full timers taking the plunge, any thoughts on this would be most welcome!

Im in the layout stage, thinking about all the areas that you need to tell people about, Ive been asked before by people who dont caravan what an aquaroll is. These are the things we take for granted, but before you went caravanning did you know what it was? I certainly didnt!

Or EHU's or CDP's or all the other things that we do and use on a regular basis.

Well thats the plan, Ill let you know how it goes, and for those who have been with us from the start you will be the first to get a copy (free to you guys) so that you can evaluate it and tell me where Im going wrong!!! So watch this space ____________________ Ok, thats enough space watching!!

Till later..........


  1. The ebook is a great idea! I'd be happy to help in any way I can - proof reading, constructive critism etc - whatever.

    Good idea - go for it!


  2. Cheers Mick, Ill be taking you up on that offer!!!

  3. laserman says this is a TEST ... did it work ? can you actually comment without an account now ...wooo hooo !!


  4. You certainly are not wrong about folks wanting to take the plunge.

    I will update you as I confirm things but I will say it will all be down to you.

  5. Hi

    I have been following your blog for a while now, didnt realise I could send you a message without having an account. I must say I look forward to reading about your adventures, and am a tad envious lol.. We have a caravan, would like to spend more time in it, but not practical for us at the moment, we have our own house and wouldnt like to leave it empty too long.

    E-book is a great idea good luck with it! J

  6. The e-book sounds like a great idea, go for it! And I just love a good read!

  7. Thanks Tigs, its in progress. Set myself a deadline of March 31st!

  8. To Paul, J and the other with no name!? Thanks for the comments its fantastic getting feedback! Makes it all worth while!

  9. hey , i dont think you should "moderate" comments at the moment , people like to see comments come up instant ...only start moderating when spam or abuse becomes apparent , you will likely check everyday and the spam trap letetrs will low down the bots