Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why Blog?

Thats a good question! Why do we blog?

There isnt a simple answer to that, so Ill try and explain why I do.

It all started off simply because we couldnt find any relevant information on living in a caravan full time. So the idea was to put down what we have done and how we have coped to hopefully enlighten others as to what to do, or rather what not to do!

However, it has turned into something a little more than that, its where I jot down my thoughts, observations, and comment on how I feel about certain subjects. A record or diary of who we are and what we are doing, layed open for all to see. Sometimes by doing things, it brings back memories, which are also noted down. These are my memories and absolutely no-one has the right to tell me they are different to how I remember them.

Now, if in my ramblings I touch on subects that you dont agree with or simply dont like, you have this highly techincal and complicated command you can use. In the top right hand corner on your screen is a red box with a white cross on it. Click on that and all your problems will be solved!

This is a personal view on our life, the way "M" and I see it, we hope you all are reading this as you have a genuine interest in us, and not to find or pick fault in who we are or what we do.

We are not here to be knocked, put down or taken for granted. My days of this are well and truely over. There is a point in everyones life where you say enough is enough. That point for me personally has now come.

Why am I writing all this down? Why am I telling you all this? Well, just so that I can look back and say, yep, it was on the 19th January 2011 that I drew a line under an episode of my life which has caused me much distress over the years.

Sorry for going on, but by putting it down like this it makes a very hard decision easier for me.

After all, the title of the blog is Our Life In A Caravan! and Im talking about Our Life!

Normal caravanning rubbish will be talked about from now on!

Till later........


  1. Good for you. I love reading your blog, it gives me a wonderful insight into caravanning full time and it's great to see you making it work, it's also lovely to follow your ups and downs as it were, it's real life and if making a comment or two on here helps in any way then I'm glad to help! You've also helped me with a few words of wisdom and that's how we get through life with a little help from our friends.
    All the best

  2. I love reading your blog too, makes me very emvious as we would love to one day sell up and live in the van.
    I like reading your comments about things, everyone is different and its always nice to look at things from other perspectives,
    I also enjoyed reading your OH's blog she wrote the one day as it just proves that people can acheive lots and be happy by working together and enjoying life.

  3. This was a comment I received via email:-

    Just thought i would say hello , and how much i enjoy your blog .
    I enjoy reading of your adventures , although im not jealous i really couldnt
    do it , i need lots of space around me , every time im away in the caravan i
    seem to stiffen up and get sore kidneys , so about 2-3 days is always enough.

    I do however after the madness of school runs and work and getting the
    wee one to bed love grabbing a cup of tea and sitting down to read your
    daily adventures , its the small detail that make it so interesting so keep up
    the painful awning details ! I have never been a fan of blogs , in fact yours is the
    only one I have ever followed for more than a day , i love the photos so i want
    you to know they are appreciated. Do wish you would really keep it updated
    daily though , i get a bit gutted if i come back after a few days and theres only
    one post to catch up on :-)

    The forums you have been banned from can be many reasons , one of the
    reasons could be they simply cant have outgoing links as it damages their
    search positions ,( sites with more outgoing links than incoming can be
    downgraded in the search results ) maybe they fear if you get popular you
    could add a forum , or maybe concerned you have adverts that might take away
    from their advertising ..without a proper chat with them you may never know , but
    i wouldnt take it too personally , its unlikely to be a personal attack , more
    just a policy to protect as they see it their own little corner of the web.

    I wish you well , and catch up soon

    Your welcome to publish above of you feel it of value

    Thanks Paul
    Bluesky Marketing
    Unit 1, 230 Knightswood Road
    Glasgow , G13 2EY
    TEL: 0870 321 7888 FAX:0870 321 5888 : :

  4. Hi there! I would also like to say a thank you to you and M for your blog, I love reading about what you three have been up to and can't understand the people that seem to enjoy picking faults in it.As you say they do have a choice-click on the cross in the red box or better still don't bother logging on at all!! would save them and us a lot of grief eh!!
    Keep up the good work as I shall be following your adventures keenly, happy caravanning and take care.