Friday, 24 September 2010

30th Consecutive Night In The Caravan!

Its our 30th night tonight! The time has absolutely flown by, and so far its all be fairly easy!

So a few stats for you: Total cost of campsites stayed in over the month of Sept is £208.50 and are only outgoing so far has been for a 6kg bottle of propane at £19.00 A bit different from our £550 pm rent plus all the bills!

So have we made the right decision?

We asked ourselves a few questions to find out.

Are we financially better off? - Yes!

Are we more relaxed and destressed? - Yes!

Are we sleeping like the dead at night, due to no late night revellers or road traffic? - Yes!

Are we enjoying life alot more? - Yes!

Are we happy? - Yes!

We havent watched tv once, we both watched a dvd one night but "M" fell asleep within 10 mins and as I had watched it before turned it off shortly afterwards!

We talk, listen to the radio, read, enjoy our food with a little drink, and generally relax in the evenings - bliss!

Travelling back from Shaston on Thursday evening, I had to stop and take this picture, hope you like it! I loved the colours!

30 secs later - the sun had gone!
Well, the weekend is nearly upon us, Im just wrapping things up here in Shaston, then heading back, not alot planned, probably going to Ashley Heath car boot sale on Sunday, so up bright and early, so will be having a few ciders tonight.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Till later........

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  1. Hi - I think your blog is great! we have a touring van but never thought of living in it! Well done - keep blogging!