Wednesday, 29 September 2010


An interesting day, spent as a minder to a load of silver!

Went down to Bobs to do some listing, next thing Im off to a location on the South Coast with a load of silver to be sold as scrap! Well it got me out of the office for the day so cant complain!

Ive put Bobs ebay site in the "favourite links" section, please take a look as he always has some amazing stuff on, if your too lazy to hoover your mouse to the right its -  take a look its definately worth it, but if you do buy anything tell him where you saw the link please!!

We bought from ebay (where else) yesterday a portable twin tub washing machine! Ok, its not going to wash a duvet, but it will make life easier, doing shirts and the like. Looking forward to it arriving and having a play! Cost £62.99 including delivery, considering its £89.99 I think in Argos a bit of a bargain. I do love a bargain! So it says just add hot water! How simple can it get. We all ready have a spare aquaroll that we used to use as a waste, so we can use that to pump the water out and into.

Still havent sorted out where we are going to go yet after the 10th Oct, the phones just rang out, and one that I got through to said they no longer did camping as the owner had died - whoops, cheers Caravan Club for still having that in your book! Why dont they produce a yearly or even 6 monthly book, we pay enough for membership - Or is that too much to ask?

Its been pouring down with rain today, lifted all the mats off the breathable groundsheet before we left, wise move me thinks!

Crane flys otherwise known as Daddy Long Legs, or annoying little F****rs! We must of had the whole population of the New Forest in our awning last night, then they managed to somehow squeeze over the top of the fly screens and still get in the van! How can something with such poor flying skills still manage to get in! But what ever you do, dont accidently let go of the door fly screen so that it flys back! - As an insect trap its very good, but oh - what a mess when you pulled the door back, legs everywhere! eeeeewwwww!

I guess it was a bad mistake leaving the light on in the awning, or maybe it was their monthly masonic meeting, instead of rolling up their trouser legs they just leave one or two behind!

So home to the van now to do battle with more of the little blighters, and of course the ever present ear-wigs, oh and delights of delight before I have my tea empty the cassette! Hope we dont have chocolate custard for pudding!!!! ENOUGH!!!

Till later........

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