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Thurs 9th - Tues 14th Sept 2010 Harmans Cross Vintage Rally

Thurs 9th. A leisurely start to the day, and in the dry as well. We finally got away around 12ish. I was wondering how it would all tow now that we had the caravan fully loaded and I had the stationary engine in the back of the freelander. It all went rather well for the first 500 yards which is when we heard a grating sound coming from the caravan. The front left hand side locker door had sprung open and was dragging on the ground, luckily no damage, and we hadnt lost anything. The catch appears not to be catching! Managed to get it secured and off we set.

We got to the rally site at Harmans Cross, and it wasnt looking good with not a flat piece of field to be seen! The marshall said, "if you get a bit of speed up you should make it up the hill ok"! I politely asked if he had seen what we were towing and under no account was I attempting to get a bit of speed up over a lumpy old field! So we took a look and found an alternative route and the last levelish spot!

Get some speed up! I dont think so!
View from Steam Train heading into Swanage, we are in the middle with the roof vent up! (also the biggest van on site)!
Finally got her backed in with the clutch red hot! We are roped off from Jo Public on the grounds of health and safety, our tow hitch was only just inside the rope!

We got the engine out and covered and found out from the people next door that it was a three day event. Hope the weather gets better.

Once we were sorted, a quick trip into Swanage to stock up on essential supplies, Cider and red wine for "M".

Woke on Friday to a very overcast day and a bit blowy, but at least it dried the grass off as it was rather long. Not many exhibitors here, I saw 6 tractors and 9 lorries/vans but one of those is a Sherpa van (vintage)? A number of cars are starting to arrive along with motorbikes, and I reckon so far around 20 or so stationary engines.

Sherpa van - Vintage?
David Brown Tractor - Very Classy!
Its a very small show, so small that if we had put up our awning it would of dwarfed the beer tent!

By 1pm we hadnt even uncovered the engine, as we are not allowed to start them up unless the rope is up, I finally gave it a 10 minute run just after 4pm.

Manston 34028

That evening we took the steam train into Swanage, only a 10 minute ride, and had a wander around. The folk festival was on, so off we trotted to take a look, but no music playing and all the stalls seemed to be selling tye dyed hippy gear and silly hats, so left the bearded and hairy women to it and strolled into town!

Upto the viewing point above the town, a bit grey so the pictures didnt come out to good, but you get the idea. Lovely!

Looking West
Looking East
China blending into her surroundings! (its a mural painted on a wall)
"M"s birthday today, perfume, card and tea in bed, thats her not me by the way!

Back at the show, and Sat was busier, had our engine running for 6 hours non stop with no problems at all.

Sunday, lovely warm sunshine and loads more cars turned up, my two favourites were the daimler and the little Austin pickup, Ive also included the Fiat X19 as I didnt think many were around still after being such a rust bucket, this one was in pretty good condition! And a Ferret Scout car.

Austin Pickup

Lovely Daimler
Fiat X19 (Not rusted out)!

Ferret Scout Car
Not alot of room inside!

Our engine ran faultlessly all weekend, here it is in all its glory!

Wolseley WD II Sheep Shearing Machine - running a Lister domestic pump capable of 250 gallons an hour!
"M"s daughter and son in law came over to see us as well, on the Saturday, which was nice for "M" it was the first time they had seen the van or our engine, I think they were a little taken back by the size of the van!

We ventured over to the beer tent to see what the band was like on Sat evening, we didnt hang around long, if you like folk/morris dancing then these guys were for you, but for us, we headed back to the van and the sound of Muddy Waters & John Lee Hooker, washed down with wine and cider.

Woken at 8.30 by noisy neighbours, and then at 9.30 they started their engines up! Didnt get ours up and running till after 10am.

Its our last night here, we are off to Walkford, near Christchurch, for 3 nights its not far from the sea, so looking forward to a stroll down to see it.

We did witness a magnificant site, as the show had closed, we watched as 5 steam engines all coupled up went past whistling, it sent shivers down the back of my spine. Not very often do you get to see that sort of a display!

So all in all a very good show, thank you to Bournemouth Preservation Society for hosting it and making it all come together and Swanage Railway for providing the free passes for us. You can find out more about Swanage Railway at swanagerailway.co.uk its all run by volunteers, and I must say it is exceptional!

This has been our 6th rally this year, we missed two in August due to having to pack up the house etc, but next year, we will be flat out with them! Just one more to go at Berwick St John Country Fair. Looking forward to that as its my local show.

Being one of the only ones left on the site is a bit eerie, its very quiet! We have been on battery for 4 nights and the meter is still reading 12volts, and thats with two showers a day and the lights. So we are now looking into doing a 5 night stay with no EHU on a site costing £3.50, so saving even more money! I dont mind doing it whilst it is still fairly mild, but not once it gets colder as I dont want the condensation associated with using the gas fire.

Our aqua roll cap has split so leaks when full, luckily Ive a spare back at base, but a bit of araldite will sort out the split so no dramas.

We have also discussed getting a small awning/porch for when we are doing short stays, as it would be handy to have somewhere to hang coats, muddy boots etc. Have seen some that we like so will be looking into that asap!

Our friend Gully when he came over the other weekend, brought some Stagg Dynamite Hot Chilli. It does exactly what it says on the tin! Pretty tasty but not for the faint hearted. Buy at your peril!

Within an hour I was farting flames, "M" not impressed, bad enough in the house, but in the caravan! WINDOWS OPEN NOW!

Monday we woke to an empty field, packed up, legs up, and off we go again! That was our 18th night in our new van and still no serious dramas!

Trundled over to Walkford, and pitched up, a bit tight getting in, not too sure how we are going to get out again, but will worry about that when the time comes! Then back to Shaston to drop the engine off, over to Gillingham to collect more toilet fluid that had just arrived, as we were very low.  Dropped by to see my mate Jim Adams, the best joiner in the world. If your needing any joinery work done and you havent any plans drawn up, then Jim is the man. He can make anything out of wood! We got some thick lengths of wood to level up the van if required and some blocks for the legs. Cheers Jim! Then back down to Walkford, for pasta and wine. "M"s son and daughter showed up and stayed for an hour.

Tuesday morning and Im back in Shaston tapping the keys, and trying to catch up. Our fridge freezer sold for £82.00 and our beloved caravan is off to become a kids den for the sum of £261.00 which we are over the moon with as we bought it 1 1/2 years ago for £157.00 and that included 2 aqua rolls, a thetford toilet, and two gas bottles, which were not included in the sale this time!

Well reckon Ive caught up with myself again, off to Bobs tomorrow for more antique listing then Thursday off to Berwick to set up - its all go!

Till later....

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