Saturday, 4 September 2010

T-Bone Steaks, Aspall Cider & Churches! Saturday 4th August 2010

T-bone Steaks, Aspall Cider & Churches, but only 2 out of the 3 can I be associated with on a regular basis!

Got back to the caravan last night had a few ciders, one of which happened to be a bottle of (Aspall Dry Cider 7%), we thought we would try out the nearest pub to us which is Drusilla's Inn at Wigbeth. A lovely little country pub which still caters for the locals but does wicked food! Not only that but they have Aspall's on draught at a slightly easier on the head 5.5%. How was that for coincidence! T-bones were on the special board so we both had those and I had a few pints of Suffolks finest cyder! They also do Stowford Press for the lightweights!

You can find them at well worth a visit, we didnt book, but it is a busy pub so booking a table would probably be advisable.

Back in Shaston again, (Sat) via our first camp site at West Orchard to buy more eggs! On the way back I stopped and took pictures of the village church at West Orchard, then at East Orchard. Funny how you go by a place many times in your life, but never stop to take a proper look, well from now on, I'm aiming to do this on a regular basis. Little gems like these, tucked away, right under our noses!
West Orchard Church
East Orchard Church St Thomas
The grounds of St Thomas's church are tip top with not a blade of grass out of place. Whoever looks after this deserves a pat on the back!

Best get on to do some work now - or will do once hooked the coleslaw out of my keyboard!

Till later......

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