Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tues 28th September

Travelled into Poole last night to collect the aquaroll we won off of ebay, and got back to the van just after 7.00pm. Filled it up with water and there it sat next to its mate, waiting to be hooked up in time of need.

Paul Jones on Radio 2 - blues night! Oh yes with a good sprinkling of old and new blues. Followed by Radcliffe and Maconi (?) not sure of spelling! If you have never listened to them, tune in, they have a dry sense of humour, bordering on the bizarre!

Another early night, it seems to be the habit, I used to survive on 5 hrs sleep a night, but now its 8 plus and Im still knackered!

"M" hopped in the shower first thing this morning, and guess what - we run out of water, 2 aqua rolls and I didnt check before she got in to make sure the full one was hooked up - whoops!

Ive been in Shaston all day today, and its been warmer outside than inside my lockup! Ive got a wood burning stove with a length of flue that goes up the chimney, so will have to get some wood cut and get that fired up. Its made out of an old gas bottle, and I bought it from - guess where - yes - ebay! It works a treat. We have even taken it away with us camping as the burner gets very hot and it chucks out some amount of heat, and its a no mess option, just stand it on a couple of bricks and there is no mess at all, and no singed grass - keeps site owners happy and us warm!

Dinky Wood Burner
I burn wood from old pallets, cut up with the jigsaw, they arent big lumps of wood, but they burn well.

Sale on ebay went better than I thought last night, so a few more pennies into the pot!

We have been discussing over the weekend places we want to go next year, top of the list is over to Ireland to see "M"s brother who lives over in the South West of the country, then upto to Northern Ireland, North of Belfast to see an old Army mate. We are not sure whether to drive over and camp using a tent!? (shock - horror) or tow the van, or slum it and stay in B&B's. plenty of time to suss it all out, so no rush yet. We have also been thinking about going over to America, as I have relatives in New Jersey, so only a plane ride away.

Not sure if any of it will happen, but, if we dont start to think about it, it definately wont!

Its coming up for nearly two months since I started this blog - hows it going?

Followers - thankyou all, have reached the dizzy heights of 14! but page views are through the roof, yesterday - Monday, we had over 500 page hits! So someone is watching us somewhere!

Enough from me for now.

Till later.........


  1. hello , found the link to this on the ukcampsite website , and spent all last night and tonight reading the whole lot and have really thoroughly enjoyed reading this

    its amazing what you're doing and im really jealous because i adore that part of the country and come camping in the new forest every year : )

    seems like you're having a ball at the mo x

    the only downside is the way you talk about London and Londoners that upsets me, we're not all like that , and i for one adore the countryside and especially have a soft spot for Dorset , so be kind to me lol

  2. I realise that not all folk are the same, but as we country folk are stereo-typed as bumpkins by the city dwellers I feel it is my duty an an non-politically correct person to take the mickey at every opportunity! No offence taken or hopefully given!
    Yours chewing a piece of corn and binder twine around my legs to stop my trousers getting muddy whilst singing a Wurzels song - Jools

    Oh Ive got a brand new combine harvester and Ill give you the key - Blackbird Ill av eee! I am a zider drinker I drinks it all of the time oo r oh r ee, oo r oo r ee!
    Get off my land!!!....................

  3. awrite awrite geezer turn it down will ya apples and pears and all that malarky

    lol by the way , im just insanely jealous of what you're doing and , still loving this blog am off to read the next installment !! cheers me old china