Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mobile Laundry 20th Aug 2010

Didnt get chance to get the awning up last night, but as "M" had done the laundry run, I brought back the tumble dryer, well its free electricity!

However, before we plugged it in, I did check using an Ohms law calculator, (just google it and you will find it) what Amps it would draw, knowing that we can go upto a maximum of 16 on site, anything less would not blow the junction box.

All you need to know is the wattage of your appliance and the volts, so going on the basis that the tumble dryer was 2200 watts and the site supply was 230volts, then 2200 divided by 230 = 9.56 Amps - So safe to use as long as nothing else was being run, just to be on the safe side!

So now you can work out all your appliances so that you dont trip your ehu box next trip out!

Just one thing not all site supplies run at 16 amp, some are alot lower, so always wise to check with the owners!

Landrover Laundry Version
Dont need to worry about the hose! Venting to great outdoors!
Driving into Shaston this morning, it was foggy in places, but took this photograph from the lay-by halfway between Wingreen hill and Zig Zag Hill, simply magical!

Looking towards Shaston
Magical view, again towards Shaston
Off to tap keys all day today, and putting up the awning this evening, wonder if we will get it done quicker than last time!

Till later........

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