Monday, 20 September 2010

Berwick St John Country Fair 18th & 19th Sept 2010

So where were you?

What a great show, it was our last of the year, and without a shadow of a doubt the best!

A small show, but it had everything, Tractor pulling, steam ploughing, vintage tractor ploughing, vintage vehicles of all shapes and sizes, steam engines, trade stalls, and glorious weather, not forgetting the beer tent selling Thatchers Gold at £2.50 a pint!

Its only on every two years, but make a point of going if you can! It was free to get in with all donations going towards Dorset Kidney Trust?

We had a fantastic time, our friend Gully made an appearence on Friday evening, one to many ciders wiped him out for a repeat performance on the sat night (thankfully) as I was done in myself, suffering from cider fuzz for most of the next morning!

We arrived here Thurs after squeezing out of Walkford.

Took some photos, so heres the best ones -

Thurs eve witht the sun setting on an empty show ground!
The line of stationary engines
Traktor - Modine Mfg Co USA

International Catepillar plouging up hill.

Douglas All Wheel Drive Forest King
Sawing planks, circular saw driven by steam engine.
OTA 3 wheeled tractor - quirky!
Massey Ferguson - Designed for working the water cress beds.
International Junior Tractor
Bamford Open Crank Stationary Engine
Amanco Open Crank Stationary Engine
Saturday afternoon Cider Fuzz - An Exhibitor Sleeping It Off!
We stayed and watched everyone leave on Sunday evening, "M" cooked roast beef, roast potatoes and parsnips, cauliflower, peas and broccoli, with some rather good gravy! A few beers and we were both crashed out for 9.30pm!

"M" went off to work this morning, which left me with the task of packing up and and moving off to our next stop. We are back at our favourite site so far, not far from Horton/Wigbeth on the way to 3 legged cross. A lovely little secluded Caravan Club site, got set up in record time, and from where we are we have a view across fields, and you cannot see another caravan or house - heaven!

Everything is now becoming like clock work, regarding pitching and packing! We are here now for 3 weeks, awning going up asap, prob not this eve as "M" is off to the laundrette and Im working on for a bit. We are going to run the tumble drier out the back of the freelander tonight, Im bringing it back with me! Good job no one can see us!

Back now tapping the keys, and sorting out ebay after being away for a few days, so,

till later.........

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