Friday, 3 September 2010

Thurs 2nd Sept! Time Is Flying!

Well, Thats a week in the caravan! Im not too sure where the week has gone - its flown by.

We still have grins on our faces, every time I drive upto the van, I say to myself, is that really ours?

We seem to be going to bed earlier and earlier! Its got to be the fresh air, talking of fresh air they have just moved cows into the field behind us and they have a bit of an odour about them. Not that Im a towny, I grew up in the little village of Childe Okeford in Dorset, near to a farm, but these certainly had a good whiff about them! I can just imagine some out of towner complaining about the smell.

Recently down this way in a nearby village, there were complaints from the weekend city folk about the sound of cockerells and chickens. Must say if you want to live in the country then thats what its all about, of course if your happy with polution, lorries, and general grime then fill your boots and bugger off back to the smoke! But leave us country folk alone!

Another half day at the antique dealers today, then back to the lockup - more books to be listed!

All is well with the van, still on the hunt for an aqua roll, its not untill you have to shift every litre you use that you suddenly realise how much water you actually use! No wonder there are water shortages, if everyone had to fill up an aqua roll for their house, there would be surplus of water, and Norfolk would be a lake!

Ordered "M"s birthday present today, lets hope it gets here in time! Ebay is just so good for us blokes, we dont even need to leave our chairs to go shopping! I cant stand shopping, I dont mind food shopping, thats not a problem at all, but shopping for presents/clothes etc, well, Id rather be put in the stocks for the day!

Till later......

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