Friday, 3 September 2010

Weds 1st Sept 2010 Cornetto's All Round!

Tested the freezer compartment out, my cornettos are in tip top condition! Its a good size compartment, excellent for rapid cooling of cans of blackthorn as well!

"M" went off to the laundrette, £7.00 for two loads, hung up to dry outside on some airers, will be bringing them inside later to turn the awning into a Chinese laundry!

Talking of Chinese....

Spent the day ebay listing at an antiques dealer, back there again tomorrow, allways an interesting day, as I learn something each time I go in there - Did you know that the word/term clobbered comes from the art of over painting a plate! In years gone by when blue and white plates were imported from China, in our wisdom and taste we decided that they needed a splash of colour, so off they went to factories where they were overpainted, re-fired and then put out to the market, the technical term for this process is called clobbered!

So there you go, more useless information next time!

Nearly caught up with myself on this blog now, just a day or so to go!

Till later......

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