Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fri 27th August 2010 - A good night kip for some!

Our first night in the caravan, I slept like a log, but I could sleep on broken glass on a pavement, (misspent time in Germany)! but "M" said she could feel every spring in the mattress. Luckily my Mum was off shopping so a mattress topper was added to her list!

We managed to trip the junction box outside! We think it was putting on the kettle and running the heater full blast at the same time! It took a bit of working out but we sussed it in the end, we also had problems with the water pump, but that was due to an air lock and we now know to run the taps to clear any air out of the system - they say you learn by your mistakes!

The heater soon heats up the van and the blown air system appears to work well, the pipes underthe van are fully insulated with what feels and looks like a flue liner, but only a smaller version. So hopefully it should work well over the winter period - time will tell!

On our way out of the campsite we met the owners, and settled up, £10 per night including hookup. The site is basic, no toilets or showers, but clean and tidy. We also bought 6 of the largest eggs you have ever seen!

One thing we have realised all ready is that we need another aqua roll! This will save on having to trek across to refil after each shower. The shower works well, and is lovely and warm.

We finally finished packing, emptying and cleaning the house at 10pm, we were both shattered.

During the day "M" packed and cleaned whilst I got stuff upto our lockup and completed 3 tip runs! My office didnt take too long to pack up either! If I can ever find anything ever again will be a miracle!

We treated ourselves to lunch at the Mitre Inn on the High Street of Shaston (Thomas Hardy fans) Shaftesbury,  I wasnt expecting too greater a quality, but was happily surprised, "M" had the Tom & Jerry burger which was Stilton & Mushrooms in a fresh bun, salad etc and chips, and I had a Shrek burger, Jalapeno Peppers with sour cream, salad, chips etc. We would of sat outside where there is a magnificant view towards Melbury and Wingreen hills, absolutely stunning, but a little chilly, so wimped out and sat by the bar.

Leaving the house last night we stopped off to collect the memory foam, Silent Night from Argos, around the £63.00 and as it was so late we decided on chicken kebabs from Gillingham Kebab Shop on Station Road - Note to self, if starving, in future rumage underneath car seats, to find something more edible! It was minging!

We finally got back to the van around 11pm fitted the topper and crashed out, sleeping like the dead!

Till later......

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