Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tues 31st August - Back To Work!

Back to work today, I could of easily lazed around the van all day or got lost in the awning! But needs must, so "M" is in Ringwood and Im in Shaston.

Got here and suddenly realised I didnt have my keys to the lockup! So called "M" at work, she had forgotten her mobile, and agreed to drive upto Shaston to let me in, as I had a customer turning up to collect some things she had bought from me off of good ole ebay!

5 mins later I found my keys, quick call to the office but "M" had all ready left - whoops!

Expecting the worse I looked for a pair of ear defenders but its a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack at the moment!

As it was, she wasnt too bothered, a cup of coffee sorted her out!

The office is fully functional now, and Ive more or less come across everything I need to function. I managed to get the Dongle working 1st time and its super quick! Even faster than BT Broadband at home! So well impressed with 3 which is where I bought it from.

Ive got the dongle rigged to my pc, as I still havent got the laptop yet! mind you its nice not having any work at home, as I was always sneaking off to take a quick look to see how things were going, 2 hrs later I would re-emerge! So now home is home with no work at all - bliss!

My new office! More room on Apollo Space Craft!
Now I know its in here somewhere!

Even with all this please note the fire extinguisher bottom right - remember safety first!

"M" went into B&Q today and bought a couple more fold up chairs for the awning for guests, we both have 3 position Vango chairs which are really comfortable, plus we needed something to fill up the awning. If the philharmonic orchestra are looking for somewhere to practice, Ive got the perfect place!

I also bought a bookcase back and a wicker dog bed for China!

Walked past our old house today - felt a little strange as China wanted to go in!

A 2 ring meal tonight - King Prawn Stir Fry - oh yes!!!! A couple of ciders to ease it down will be perfect!

Tomorrow off to do some ebay listing for an Antiques dealer!

Till later.......

P.S. Thought it about time we introduced to you all to "CHINA" our rescue dog, a cross between a corgi, a chuwahwah and a dark night!
Please rub my belly!

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  1. Keep it coming really enjoy following this blog,
    have`nt had a double yolker for years,Bonny looking dog:o)