Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Theres a first time for everything! Sat 28th August 2010

Woke up at 6.30am feeling refreshed and must say that the silent night mattress topper works really well! Even "M" was impressed and she is like the Princess and the pea!

Heating on again, its a wee bit nippy! Tea in bed and an easy start to the day. Off to have a mooter and try out the toilet for the first time - well I guess you want to know everything about what we are doing?

TOILET REVIEW! I dont reckon I could read a couple of chapters without calling the paramedics to get me off! Other than that everything slid down really well, and the flush works like a dream, however there must be some gunge in the tank as bits come out with the fluid flush. Playing twister with the loo roll is not my idea of fun, so thats off the wall as soon as I go in from now on! I also like the way the toilet swivels for optimum foot placing. These things are important for us blokes!

Due to leave here today and head for "M"s brothers house in the heart of the New Forest for his 50th birthday, we are pitching up outside his house! So no EHU tonight!

We still have a car load of gear to unpack, dont think thats going to be done this weekend!

Fried eggs for breakfast, and guess what, an egg each and both were double yokers, it dont get much better than that! The eggs are massive, I feel for the poor chicken that laid that, no wonder they walk funny!

We arrived at "M"s brothers deep in the forest, down single track roads, thankfully we didnt meet anything big as I dont fancy reversing this rig!

Enough food to feed an army! Tommy and Karen keep chickens and grow alot of their own veg. I particularly enjoyed their pickled chillis which had a wicked kick. There was also a very good lamb curry, all veg used in it was home grown. It was lovely.

There were some colourful folk there! Marcus - the living skeleton, Ive never seen anyone so thin! Doug the Pug, and yes he does look like one, his partner Penny on a pole, who gave us all a good laugh by dancing around a gazebo pole, only thing is she is 59 with a buggered hip and spent the rest of the evening limping around! They spent the night in the back of a modeo estate on a blow up mattress - fair play! Pete the polak, who happens to be Slovakian with a polish girlfriend!

We all sat outside all evening, with a massive bonfire to keep us warm, we didnt stay till the end as we were still shattered from friday. A good night had by all, if your reading this Tommy and Karen, thanks again!

Outside T & Ks place in the New Forest!
Till later........

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  1. Ha ha! This post made me laugh very much! LOL Whenever my husband and I stay anywhere, someone's house, a hotel, etc etc, we give the toilet our own review! Gotta know how things are working. ;) When we have house searched either to rent of to buy, that is a major focus of ours.. it makes me laugh...because, well, we have had our run-ins with sh*tty Sh*tters!!