Thursday, 2 September 2010

Monday 29th August, Awning up!!!

We got to this lovely little site yesterday lunchtime, met the owners who showed us where we could go, its a lovely wooded and secluded level site, just EHU and a toilet, I think at £9.50 a night.

We managed to get the awning up in 2 1/2 hours without killing each other or any other campers! In fact it went up alot easier than I thought it would, It is absolutley massive!
Is it big enough?

Now thats what you call an awning!

However the skirt that goes over the wheel arch doesnt fit, so I rang the dealer who said that there wasnt alot he could do, well, Im afraid that after just spending nearly £800 that wasnt the answer I was looking for. I finally got a deal from him, and a correct part ready for collection next time we are passing.

We didnt bother putting up the bedroom annex as we have no guests arriving so the east wing is remaining in its bag!

We have finally unpacked the car, and found homes for everything, "M" even managed to iron some shirts tonight, yes we even packed the ironing board!

China (our dog) is shattered, she has taken herself off to bed, something she has never done before!

Back to work tomorrow, so up bright and early, drop "M" off in Ringwood, then swap cars and Ill take the Fiat 500 back to Shaston, to sort out the lockup and start listing some books on ebay!

"M" has insisted I add this! Whilst packing up at Orchard Lakes, I was getting ready to hitch up, so wound the jockey wheel up, but to my dismay I couldnt fathom out why the hitch wouldnt meet the tow ball and the jockey wheel was swinging free! - until our friendly neighbour with much delight pointed out that I had left the legs down! What A F***king Muppet Am I! I blame it all on the fact I had to dodge the wasps whilst doing all of this!

Till later........

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