Monday, 27 September 2010

Cider, Ironing & A Quick Trip To Hospital!

Now all of that does sound like a recipe for disaster, but, I can safely say this time it wasnt me requiring medication!

"M" woke up sat morning, saying something has bit me on my eye lid, well, it certainly looked like it had, within no time it had puffed up and was sore! By Sunday morning it was red raw and gunge was coming out of it. Only one thing for it, off to the eye department to have it looked at.

But first, after "M" had donned sunglases to hide her new features we did a quick trip around ashley car boot sale, reasonabley large, but nothing but dealers and rubbish being sold at astronomical prices! I think people have forgotten what car boots are all about, a place to get rid of all your unwanted items as cheaply as possbile, hence selling more and making more money, not charging mad prices for things fit for the bin!

So arrived at the hospital, got checked in, but they did make me laugh as they said that we should of made an appointment, oh, sorry next time we will arrange to be biten at a time convenienent  with the nurse shall we!

Is the world going mad or is it just me!?

Anyway got it sorted out and "M" is now bathing and rubbing some sort of gel into it.

Whilst we were at Bournemouth hospital, I took the opportunity to take a mooter on the old porcelain! Ahhh, shame I didnt bring my book, could of happily sat there for a while in total comfort! Only thing was, no coat hook, hat and jacket had to go on the floor!

Well, they charged us £1.00 to park, so I made sure I got my moneys worth!

Eye in a puffy state!
As you can see I am domesticated, this is now our laundry shop - Ill do 3 shirts for a fiver!

Domesticated - 3 shirts for a fiver?
Latter on Sunday, Gully came over as he is looking at buying a caravan, and as there was one local thought Id be good to give it a once over! Off we set, it was parked up open ready for us to take a look around. A 20 year old bailey lunar 4 berth, but make that a 3 berth as the table was missing and so was the bunk bed! Made me laugh as the owner had described it as having two bedrooms!

The legs were up, so gingerly, (excuse the pun as he is) climbed in to inspect. Now we had all ready decided that as the legs werent down and both of us being rather portly we shouldnt stand together for risk of a tip up. So all was well for the first 5 minutes till we forgot our own advice and had the see-saw effect! Hoping that no-one had seen us, or that any one could here us laughing we decided that the van wasnt for him, as it had seen rather alot of action, and at £995 was asking alot, £400 and it wouldnt of been too bad. There was quite a few things wrong with it, couldnt find any signs of damp, but was looking very tired.
Full Set Up
This is us with the complete set up, taken Saturday morning in lovely sunshine. Only 2 caravans on the site, surely this must be Dorsets best kept secret! And as we love it here and want it to remain empty for our next visit will be keeping it a secret as well!

Our Neighbours, Oh there arent any!!!
On the Saturnday we went for a walk through Moors Valley Park, its on the edge of the New Forest with loads of walk and trails to follow, China loved it as she could go off the lead and run around mad!

Moors Valley Park - Walk For Miles
Its been a bit of a boozy weekend, nothing too mad, but enough to make you sleep well, sampled some cider that I hadnt seen before. An aquired taste, had better, but had alot worse, at least there was no bits floating in it which is always a good sign when drinking cider.

Thatchers Green Goblin 6%
Sleeping with her tongue out! A worn out dog!
A lovely relaxing weekend! Back to it today, back tapping keys again, Ive got a few books finishing tonight and they are doing well, so fingers crossed for a good sale later!

We have decided on where we want to go next, so tomorrow we will be planning our next 4 weeks, and we are all ready thinking about Christmas, and where we will be for that. Waiting to hear back from "M"s mother as to what plans may be. We cant leave it too late to book anywhere, not sure if sites will be busy or not? Suspect not, but you never know!

Ive won an aqua roll & handle,  should be picking it up either this evening or tomorrow, this will make my life easier - £9.99 good old ebay! Why would you buy from any where else!!

Till later.........


  1. Awwww the picture of the doggie with the tongue out is so cute :) Presh.

  2. Hi honey

    Loving the blog.... I have actually read it all from the beginning but please dont test me on it cos I have the memory of a Very Very small fish.

    We need the postcode if we are going to come and see you on Sunday... Promise I wont let anyone else see it, can you send a text that self deletes on arrival - that would be so cool

    Laters xxxx